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Welcome to In-Common Laboratories - In-Common Laboratories (ICL) is a not-for-profit Canadian provider and broker of medical laboratory testing working with hospital and other clients and suppliers to support patient care. ICL, formerly HICL, supplies medical diagnostic lab testing. ICL offers logistics management, electronic interface and interchange, privacy, and quality assurance (QA) for clients including hospitals, researchers, clinical trials and occupational health via medical lab tests.

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City: -79.6069 Ontario, Canada

  • Glow-in-dark surface adds spooky dimension to Ouija - Glow-in-dark surface adds spooky dimension to Ouija

    The word "Ouija" is made up of two words - "Oui", the French word for Yes, and "Ja", the German word for Yes. So, you could really call the thing the "yes-yes" board. Usually, though, the board says neither Yes nor No but sits there and obstinately refuses to budge at all.

  • Michael Steven - Giving it 3 stars because they do look cool, but not so effective

    Bought the smoked ones for my 2015 JKU. Anyone saying these are brighter than the stock tail lights are insane! These are so dim I'm almost afraid to get rear ended. Giving it 3 stars because they do look cool, but not so effective.

  • Gorgehiker - Rock newbie

    Man, there is so fast a rate hike in the level, it's too much too fast. Let me get used to a level of mastering a bit before you jack me up another level. Let me build up some confidence before you whack me with something I'm not ready for.

  • Christie Cereshko - Perfect for our 2015 4Runner

    These were a prefect fit for our 2015 4Runner. So happy we decided to get them before winter, they completely saved our fabric mats and kept the interior clean for spring.

  • Brian - Great Cargo Mat for my JGC 2016

    Bought it for my 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Fits great. Feels great, nice and heavy. Comes folded but flattens out no problem. Highly recommend.

  • Steph Klein - THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD. I've never written an Amazon book review before

    THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD. I've never written an Amazon book review before, but I couldn't help myself this time around. Chip and Joanna are just as charming and personable in their writing as they are in their show Fixer Upper, which I feel is a pretty big feat. If was well written, informative, and charming, and I already want to read it again! If you are a fan of their show, this book will NOT disappoint!

  • K. Oliver - Good knives.

    I never thought I would like the Everedge knives but I use them all the time now. This was a gift but I have them myself and have used them for a couple of years without a problem. My only issue with this is that the block seems to be a standard wood block. In other words, it's not specifically made for this set of knives so the larger knives don't fit in quite right. You will have a small knife that fits into a whole obviously for a large knife. They all fit in, just a little awkwardly.