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Heartland Neurology - Neurologist in Columbia, MO - Heartland Neurology - Neurologist in Columbia, MO. Practicing in Mid-Missouri since 1997 - Neurology Clinics in Columbia, Moberly and Macon MO. Neurologist with quadruple board certifications including general neurology, neuro-physiology, stroke, and sleep disorders

  • http://www.heartland-neurology.com/about-us.html Dr. Iqbal Khan - Neurologist, Heartland Neurology, Columbia Missouri - Heartland Neurology - Neurologist in Columbia, MO - Dr. Iqbal Khan completed his medical school in 1987 from Dow University of Medical Sciences. Completed Masters degree in Neurosciences from University of Texas in Galveston in 1992. Neurology residency and fellowship from Northwestern University Chicago.
  • http://www.heartland-neurology.com/offices.html Neurologist Office - Columbia, Moberly, Macon MO - Heartland Neurology - Neurologist in Columbia, MO - Office locations, map, and driving directions for Heartland Neurology. Just fill in your address and follow directions. Clinics are conveniently located and easy to find.
  • http://www.heartland-neurology.com/appointment.html Neurologist Appointment in Columbia Missouri - Heartland Neurology - Neurologist in Columbia, MO - Easy online form to request an appointment with Heartland Neurology. Or call toll free at 1-877-237-0191. Select an office that is convenient for you. We have offices in Columbia, Moberly and Macon Missouri.
  • http://www.heartland-neurology.com/resources.html Handouts for common neurological disorders mostly in pdf format. Inclusive of stroke, seizure, carpal tunnel syndrome, tremors, Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease - Heartland Neurology - Neurologist in Columbia, MO - For patient information there is a list of handouts for neurological disorders. Most are in pdf format.
  • http://www.heartland-neurology.com/board-certifications.html Dr. Khan has multiple board certifications in neurology. This include Vascular Neurology, Clinical Neurophysiology and Sleep - Heartland Neurology - Neurologist in Columbia, MO - Screenshot of board certifications that Dr. Khan currently hold in neurology and its sub-specialties of Vascular Neurology, Sleep, and Clinical Neurophysiology
  • http://www.heartland-neurology.com/driving-directions.html Driving Directions to Heartland Neurology in Columbia, Moberly, and Macon with Google Maps and Drive - Heartland Neurology - Neurologist in Columbia, MO - Google Map shows convenient locations of our offices. For driving directions just fill in your location on your desktop, laptop or smartphone.

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