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  • Jade Moseley - Performix performed

    I have been taking Performix SST for two weeks. I have't lost any pounds but have lost an entire dress size and feel great. I don't take two the recommended dosage everyday, only on days I am going to be working out. I let the one pill on rest days take the place of my morning coffee. I have to caution that I have lost inches so quickly that I have some loose skin around my middle. Hopefully some extra ab workouts will help that. I am not new to taking pre-workouts or fat burners. I would compare the effectiveness of this product to when Hardcore first came out (before they re formulated it).

  • Orchid Woman - Award Worthy Series!

    Outstanding series. Outstanding. Unlike other reviewers who binged watched the entire series, I was only able to handle watching 3 episodes at a time...due to the ongoing intense impact of the superior acting and plot development that depicted high levels of deceit fueled by complex manipulation and abuse of power. It's not a feel good series, but does have moments of humor and compassion injected just enough to provide a full perspective of realistic character development. Watching it could be compared to the indulgence of eating a thoroughly decadent chocolate dessert that you can't stop eating, gives you a stomach ache, but leaves you wanting more because it was created with such unforgettable perfection. Even the introduction graphics are superior. I actually was intrigued watching them each time and only began panning through them around the 5th episode to get to the actual acting of the episode.

  • Tiptonian - Terrible program

    I was excited by the prospect of the syncing of OnLine and FTM trees so I purchased the Upgrade. I've purchased all but one FTM since 1995 (Vesion 3.4) but this is the worst piece of software yet released. A software update early in Jan has only made it worse and the cavalier attitude of support is quite infuriating. They have now released another update to try and cure some of the issues and had the cheek to keep refering to it as a "FREE UPDATE", how dare they.

  • Sprout - Great for all Levels

    I am by no means new to Excel (having certifications in Excel), but there are always new things to learn. I purchased the book to tune up my skills in equations, functions, arrays, and pivot tables and have found this book to be excellent. I have learned about functions that I did not even know existed and it is written so that even the beginner in Excel could understand how and why this is being done, yet it is not so basic that those with experience would be turned off by the way it's written. It's an excllent book! I recommend it for anyone who wants to know about Excel or wants to know more.