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Women with hair loss: The fix is in - There are more women with hair loss now than ever before. Learn what causes hair loss, how to treat it and ways to manage your thinning hair.

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  • Fit48 - This stuff is amazing! I have dry

    This stuff is amazing! I have dry, coarse hair. I use this as a heat protectant when my hair is wet. (dime-sized amount in palm, then work through hair, avoiding roots.) Then before I flat iron, I put a TINY amount in my palm, and work through each section before I flat iron it. It makes my hair so shiny! And a little goes a long way. Love this stuff! And I like the smell too :)

  • Juanita Williams - Do It Right, It WORKS!!!

    Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo does work! I was offered a job that required a hair follicle test and was worried about not passing. I am not a daily user but we all know it stays in your hair follicles a very long time. If you use the product correctly there is nothing to worry about. This actually my second time using this product and it worked both times. For the price this product is perfect. If you don't pass with this product I would check the lab credentials. I start my new job this morning, Thank You Zydot!

  • max1971 - Fifa 15 vs. PES 2015?. The first one makes feel using Windows while latest my MacBook!.

    This is my review I made on the FIFA 15 game here at Amazon but is related to how good PES 2015 is: "I've played FIFA from the first PS1 to the latest PS4 and Im very disappointed. I purchased it and I really liked it but my love died as soon as I also purchased and started playing Pro Evolution Soccer 2015. I had not play PES since the PS2 but man, they made an amazing game this year. I did not expected as I started playing in the PS4. I purchased both games, Fifa 15 and PES 2015 with my earned money and I feel guilty sometimes when I'm not playing FIFA for the purchased made, but everytime I played FIFA I got the same feeling when I have to use Windows at work instead of my own MAC. Same feeling. If you love soccer, want to play a "real match", PES 2015 is THE game to go. It flows, it's very realistic. Trust me. Played both games and you will feel the difference right on the first match. FIFA 15 is very arcade type, unrealistic, and players look the same and some of them act like super heroes. ON PES 2015 you feel the speed and the realism of a true soccer game. I'm from Argentina, I love soccer, and I love teams such as Barcelona, with their "tiki taka" style of gaming, much as south american teams. PES 2015 this year, for the very first time in almost a decade, it took the crown as best soccer game "in the field". I'm not a PES fan, not at all, I purchased religiously the last 6 FIFAS. In PES 2015, even when you lose a game, is more satisfying in defeat than FIFA 15 is in victory. It's THAT good!.

  • Undead E.T. - Excellent product, U.S. Mail lies.

    This is the second time I've purchased this. It comes with everything you need to do a great wiring job. As I continue to light up my Jeep, I'm sure I will be buying this again. I do wish that they would use UPS instead of U.S. Mail. U.S. Mail keeps saying that the harness was delivered on time according to Amazon Prime but it shows up the next day, a day late. But 5 stars for the product.

  • Alison - i dont know...

    This formula of hydroxycut does make me feel a little cracked out...scared to used it BEFORE my workouts but i miss those kind of pills...third time i tried it prolonged ny dinner plans i felt a bit sick but went thru water and as soon as i ate felt better..definitely gives u energy but not sure if i want to use this often

  • Office Lady - US Mapping

    I needed a street program to provide an optimized map of the stops that my route for the day showed. This map optimized the stops but it was impossible to map to them on individual pages. There was no way to get individual strip maps with directions to the stops as was available in earlier versions of Street Atlas. Therefore I spent $40 to get nothing. This product is totally useless to me. The write up of the product on the website was totally misleading as I was looking for a program that would provide yearly updates to the streets in the area since Streets and Trips by Microsoft has been discontinued.