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  • j.v. - wet and forget

    This item was recommended to me by my neighbor, I ordered it thru amazon for use on the rear side of my house, used item once and by the next day, mold and mildew were about 90% gone, i sprayed siding and wooden deck. I did not notice deck yet, but can't wait to see in four days when i get back.

  • N. Walker - 5 Stars for the first 5 years of heavy use only

    When I was ready to lay down the $500.00 I had saved to purchase cookware that would last a life time; I researched heavily and decided on Le Creuset. $500.00 is a lot of money and I was more than willing to sacrifice it after I saw that this stuff had a life time warranty. Well 5 years later I am able to use only 4 pieces out of the 6 piece set that I purchased. I'm guessing from heavy use, as I thought it so wonderful, easy to clean etc..., the porcelain lining has begun to chip severly. I mean at least 70% of the surface is flaking off on the bottom of the pots. The flaking occurred suddenly when I was cooking and the pieces got in the food.

  • Amazon Customer - Best FPS Game I've played in years.

    I am writing this review for multi-player only. When it comes to FPS games, we haven't really gotten a huge hit for some time now. I have never been a fan of the Battlefield series and Battlefield Hartline and Battlefront nearly turned me off of the series forever. Then I saw some multi-player game play in a WW1 setting and my interest peaked. So I decided to give this a shot and I have to force my self to stop playing otherwise I'd be up all night playing. The testament to a good multi-player game to me is can I play this game by myself or only with friends. So far, the answer is a big yes. I haven't fealt this way since Call of Duty MW2. The massive WW1 setting is unlike anything I have played before and is perfect for a Battlefield game. If you haven't been satisfied with previous Battlefield titles like I have, give this a shot because it's so different than any FPS you will find today and most importantly, it's so much fun.

  • snowfire555 - Not Good...Not Good At All

    I don't need my protein to be amazing tasting, but this is so nasty that I dread drinking it. I originally got Strawberry to mix with smoothies, and as an additive to someting with real flavor, it's fine. But on it's own with water or milk, pretty gross. I was hoping vanilla would be a little better, but it's 10 times worse and leaves an aftertaste that makes me want to gargle with mouthwash. Not to mention, the package says it's "Instatized" because it supposedly dissolves with simply stirring. Yeah, definitely not. Clump city, but yet so thin. I'm mesmorized y the horrible nature of this protein and can't believe how many people love it.

  • samy - good pill for all pregnant and lactating mothers

    Got this for my sister who is currently nursing her few month old baby. She takes some store brand multivitamins. Which infwas nt helping her as she was so tired whole day and no energy to do any stuff. She feeds her baby and afterward she was feeling super tired. After starting these pills she said she got her energy back. She doesn't feel tired any more nd do her work more efficiently with baby now. I thought these are more effective. Very easy to take ad no strng smell which is usually hard art for pregnant women to take.

  • Riley Queen - Clean washer

    My front load washer has a clean cycle using Affresh tablets. The washer is about 3 years old and has never developed that musty odor they're known for. I attribute that to regular cleaning with these tablets. They smell fresh and work very well, I recommend them.