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  • Alex P. Berg - Pretty Good All-in-One Gateway

    I needed a new gateway to replace my old Motorola SBG900, which Comcast was fazing out in my area, so I looked into getting this ostensibly next-gen DOCSIS 3.0 Gateway instead. I've seen a lot of both very positive and very negative feedback for this product here on Amazon, so I decided I would give my thoughts to try and help people make an informed decision about whether or not to buy the SBG6580.

  • C. Smith - Helps with symptoms of tingling and numbness

    I was having issues with tingling, numbness, cramping and pain in feet and calves (I think technical term is peripheral neuropathy). My dr tested Vitb12 levels and found that they were low at 347 (ideal number is between 400-1,100) and recommended I take sublingual methyl b12 1,000mcg. I've noticed quite an improvement in symptoms after just a few months of daily supplementation. Symptoms aren't 100% gone but really have improved so much. I highly recommend Jarrows b12.