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  • Robert - Not the best one but not the worst.

    I love Longmire books, every now and then there are a few I'm not crazy about. The plot in this one seemed to kind of drag on and on and take forever to develop until all of a sudden he just threw the kitchen sink at it. I'm hoping it was just me, and I'll find out when I inevitably read it again. Still a good book, I haven't found one I actually didn't like.

  • Marianne Petersen-Ries - My husband uses this atlas in his job as a professional driver and loves it.

    Since he drives all over as a driver, this street atlas gives him convenience and clear directions. Thank you much.

  • Amazon Customer - To. Many issues. With the. Software had ...

    To. Many issues. With the. Software had to call tech support 10 times. For assistance. And They charge a fee for premium support of software wouldn't purchase again

  • Audra Galiano - Excellent for Highway interstate trip

    Just bought this and used it on our crosscountry road trip- 11 states, 4,000 miles. We were towing our RV and the markings for large trucks and truck stops made it the best reference guide I have used to date. As noted by another reviewer it works more like a phone book but is laid out by State, Interstate and then mile marker referenced. All the interstate rest stops are noted as well. I would buy this again for all the details on each exit.

  • michael j. rhubart - More popcorn please...

    After years of sometimes wondering if Leonard Maltin had reviewed too many movies, it was quite refreshing to go through Videohound's massive volume on movies! Ah, the genius of cross-referencing! I had been going to IDMB but wondered if there was anything better, and in one place, at helping one find more detailed info on movies. And there is! I guess it's good Maltin is retiring; I never really put much faith in "critics" because many times they are wrong and don't understand the first concern of someone who goes to the movies is--is it any good? Look at all the movies that have done more than $500 million worldwide--that's what the people want! The more movies I had watched the more I realized "critical analysis" is just a secondary concern; it's there if you want to attend to it; if not, well, fire-up the Chernonbyl micro-wave and pop me some Jolly-Time extra butter popcorn! Did any of the "critics" foresee the success of Furious 7? We who are still watching more than the skies still need current info. VH is man's best friend. He's a good doggie. Buy it!