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  • Scottso - Excellent quality case

    You will never go wrong with UAG products. This one is stylish, impossible to find in bricks and mortar stores but you can get it here, and for cheaper. Fits the 6S Plus like a glove and feels good to hold in the hand. Great selection of colors, including generally colors that stores don't carry.

  • Sewell Free Radio - Slow

    I ordered the CD. I've been using Quicken since 1986. Generally I upgrade every 2 years so I went from Q2012 to 2014. I have a large file which worked fine under my previous version. Now every time I enter a transaction, I get an hourglass. Crazy. The install was buggy. I had problems with my password vault (it wouldn't take some accounts that were previously there) and couldn't use keyboard shortcuts (e.g. Ctrl-D to delete). I contacted tech support for 2 chat sessions. The first guy had me validate the file (I hate validating the file, it always messes it up, trying to resend transfers, screwing up balances, etc). This time it wiped out every one of my online payee addresses and acct numbers. The second guy was better, truly wanted to help, and fixed everything but the SLOWNESS. So I'm thinking I'll return the product and go back to 2012, then wait to see reviews of 2015. Since Quicken monitors this, I'd be grateful for any thoughts.

  • Amazon Customer - The antenna limited all but three stations after it was ...

    The antenna limited all but three stations after it was installed. I went and bought the factory antenna to get all stations. BOO for the stubby

  • John Boy - Wrong detector diode included with the kit.

    I was very excited to build my own crystal radio so I purchased this kit. I have about 10 years experience in the electronics industry so I figure it would be a snap! I carefully followed the instuctions and wound the tuning coil as described in the instuctions and hooked up the wiring correctly. I found a suitable antenna, the steam pipes in my house but I couldn't get any stations not even backgroud noise. Then I examined the detector diode, it was an ordinary silicon switching diode. The diode looked like a 1N914. I won't get into the technical aspects except to say that a silicon diode is not "sensitive" enough to "detect" the radio signal unless you were right under the radio tower. I replaced the silicon diode with a germanium 1N35 diode, which is more "sensitive", and tuned into several radio stations!

  • Savannah - Stay Away From This Software !!!

    Stay away from this software - I am an experienced True Image 2011 user (it works fine on my Windows 7 computer) so I tried this for Windows for Windows 10 - probably spent 10-15 hours trying to get this working correctly - was very unstable - tried to use the clone function - was able to clone one drive but not a second drive - uninstalled it & sent it back to Amazon. After searching on the internet, found Ease US Todo Back-Up Home 9.1 - downloaded free 30 day trial - worked great in the back-up & clone functions - bought this software - for around $20.00 (after searching for coupon codes) - it works great & unlike Acronis, you don't have to restart computer during the clone procedure !

  • Living in Paradise.... - Healthy in Paradise

    Have been taking 4Life Transfer Factor Plus for past three years. Before taking this product I got colds at least twice a year and whenever my husband or son got sick, so did I. I am the only one in household who takes the product. Whenever my husband or son get a cold, I do not. This stuff really works. I stopped taking the flu shot 3 years ago and since then, no flu, no colds. Along with our Virgin Islands sun, my diet and exercise, I believe in this product and will continue to recommend it.