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  • Lady Reader - "Making of the President' 2012

    Good recap of what happened in run up to election and excellent analysis. Well Organized. I recommend to those who followed the politics, as well as those who didn't.

  • Andrew W - Great Receiver compared to the competition

    I previously owned a similar bluetooth audio receiver I bought from a brick and mortar store. The device worked well however the 3.5mm audio wire was built into the device and was very flimsy. I always had to be careful with it in fear of it breaking and making the device useless. This receiver is much better than the previous one I owned. First the device is small and slightly smaller than a standard flash drive (although a little wider). The device has decent range and can 3-4 rooms depending the size of the rooms. It was able to cover 3/4 of my apartment which is impressive. The device comes with all accessories you need. It charges off a standard micro usb cable (which is extremely great since my other receiver required a less common input to charge). It also comes with a standard 3.5mm aux wire to connect to your devices. This is definitely an amazing feature since if the wire breaks you can simply replace it (esp since they are cheap). Also as an added bonus it comes with a small 3.5mm connector made of metal which is extremely durable. Overall I recommend this device especially after trying out some of its competition!

  • Alexa Bailey - This Just Dance has a great list of family friendly songs with great beats to ...

    Bought this to play with my 4 kiddos ages 5-14 and we have a blast. This Just Dance has a great list of family friendly songs with great beats to dance to. The kids and I can spend hours on this one. Would recommend.

  • Ltmayhem - AWESOME, even if I had paid twice as much!

    I love the product! It charges as fast as my oem LG and Lenovo chargers, with 4 products charging at once. I saw where some guy docked a star for the stand not being "non-skid", and he knocked it off the table, causing damage....well Duh! Do that with your widescreen and see how it holds up... Anyway, I mounted this behind my headboard with (2) large size Command strips. Rock solid, stationary, and it charges like a champ. I've paid a lot more for single/double usb chargers, and they don't work as well as this one. Nice, sturdy feel, love that it has a 2.5' cord, so it doesn't cause clutter near the wall plug.

  • psdx - Nice Machine - Early Problems & Disappointing Service

    I did a lot of research and try to make data-driven purchase decisions. The delivery was as expected and the assembly went fine - about 2 hours. The hardware parts are grouped by step #, which makes a lot of sense, But like the others, I don't understand why the strain relief grommets for the handle-end wires are packed with the power cord instead of the parts for that specific step.

  • Tab McBlane - Awesome knife

    Very cool and useful knife! I bought the pilot and the co pilot. I carry the co pilot on my life vest and the pilot on me. Only downside is the sheath latch won't fit on a wide belt. Fits great on a life vest but a challenge to get it on. Certainly won't fall off!