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Drogaria Falcão - Medicamentos Genéricos, Higiene Pessoal e Cosméticos, Rehidratantes Orais, Linha Unilife, Fitoterápicos, Antitabagismo, Escabicidas, Antigripais, Lax

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    Country:, South America, BR

    City: -46.6289 Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • HARSIMRAN SINGH - Lovely shoes great fit I have 46E perfect fit don't buy black ...

    Lovely shoes great fit I have 46E perfect fit don't buy black Ull able to see all scraches if ur a new cycling shoe person and that hurts over all amazing

  • Mom of Boys - Best cube ever

    This is by far the easiest cube to maneuver...much better mechanics than rubix's. Purchased two so my son and I can race.

  • Gabriel Grey - Sturdy and well made

    Very sturdy and very well made. I like the amount and variety of pockets and compartments, and the main area is very spacious. I use it daily to and from work, and it is the perfect carry-on when flying. It easily holds my lunch, my liter thermos, my kindle ( would easily hold a laptop or tablet), and the other assorted supplies that you cart around with you. I have the medium size and find that it is the perfect size for daily use. The large must be enormous if the medium feels so spacious! Like other reviewers I agree that a handle would have helped, but otherwise I don't think you can beat the quality, utility and price. I bought this over a year and a half ago and it looks brand new.