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Board Certified Dermatologist - Dr. David M Duffy - Dr. David Duffy is a Board Certified Dermatologist specializing in facial/vein rejuvenation and scar revision with an office in Torrance, CA.

  • http://www.drdavidmduffy.com/dermatology.php Cosmetic Dermatology - Dr. David Duffy offers cosmetic dermatology treatments including: vein treatment, peels, fillers, laser resurfacing and more.
  • http://www.drdavidmduffy.com/procedures/ Procedures by Dr. Duffy - All of Dr. David Duffy’s procedures are safe and not as radical or intrusive as plastic surgery.
  • http://www.drdavidmduffy.com/products/ Dr. David M Duffy - Dr. David Duffy offers a wide Skin Care Product selection to his clients and guides them to find their optimal skin care regimen.
  • http://www.drdavidmduffy.com/about-us/ Dr. David M Duffy - Dr. David M Duffy is a board certified Los Angeles Dermatologist with vast experience and education in the treatment of unwanted veins and much more.
  • http://www.drdavidmduffy.com/blog/ Dr. Duffy’s Blog | Dr. Duffy’s Blog - Click here to see the latest news and offers from the office of Dr. David Duffy in Torrance, California.
  • http://www.drdavidmduffy.com/videos/ Dr. David M Duffy - Click to see online videos of Laser Vein Treatment performed by Dermatologist Dr. David Duffy featuring the removal of Spider and Vericose Veins.
  • http://www.drdavidmduffy.com/forms/ Dr. David M Duffy - Save time on your first visit to Dr. David Duffy’s office by filling out Patient Forms ahead of time. Download them here!
  • http://www.drdavidmduffy.com/financing/ Dr. David M Duffy - Dr. David Duffy also offers financing through the CareCredit program and accepts all major credit cards.
  • http://www.drdavidmduffy.com/laser-vein-treatment.php Laser Vein Treatment - Dr. David Duffy specializes in his state of the art Laser Vein treatments for spider and varicose veins.
  • http://www.drdavidmduffy.com/hand-rejuvenation.php Hand Rejuvenation - Dr. David Duffy also offers Hand Rejuvenation treatments which improve the look and feel of your hands’ veins and skin.
  • http://www.drdavidmduffy.com/scar-removal.php Dr. David M Duffy - Scar Removal is just another expert service performed by Dr. David Duffy, board certified Dermatologist.
  • http://www.drdavidmduffy.com/procedures/extensive-laser-center.php Extensive Laser Center - Dr. David Duffy has extensive Laser Resurfacing experience, which is the perfect treatment for correcting sharp facial lines and deep scars.
  • http://www.drdavidmduffy.com/procedures/light-therapies.php Treating Acne with BLU Light - Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy is a revolutionary treatment offered by Dr. Duffy that treats redness of the skin, sun spots and more.
  • http://www.drdavidmduffy.com/procedures/intense-pulsed-light.php Treating Acne with BLU Light - Blu Light or Photodynamic Therapy is the perfect way to correct years of sun damage to your skin while preventing further irritation from the sun.
  • http://www.drdavidmduffy.com/procedures/fraxel.php Fraxel® - Laser Skin Treatments - Fraxel is a light/laser treatment that correctsspotty or red skin pigmentation, eases sun damage, erases acne scarring and more.
  • http://www.drdavidmduffy.com/procedures/pelleve.php Pelleve Treatment - Pelleve is a radiofrequency treatment offered in Dr. Duffy’s office which remodels and tightens the skin of the face or hands.
  • http://www.drdavidmduffy.com/ulthera.php Ultherapy - Ulthera Los Angeles - Ulthera Treatments deposit small controlled amounts of ultrasound energy deep into the skin to improve elasticity and make skin look younger.
  • http://www.drdavidmduffy.com/procedures/platelet-rich-plasma.php Platelet-Rich Plasma - Platelet-Rich Plasma Rejuvenates and reverses signs of aging using your own plasma Improves superficial scars, fine lines and stretch marks.
  • http://www.drdavidmduffy.com/procedures/dermal-fillers.php Dermal Fillers - Dermal Fillers are a popular option for resculpting faces, lips and noses through a series of injections for a younger, fresher looking face.
  • http://www.drdavidmduffy.com/procedures/peels.php Rejuvenating Peels - Dr. Duffy offers light, medium and deep skin peel treatments that will rejuvenate your skin and take years off of your face.
  • http://www.drdavidmduffy.com/procedures/latisse.php Latisse Eyelash Builder - Latisse is an eyelash-building treatment that results in longer, thicker and fuller lashes for male and female patients.
  • http://www.drdavidmduffy.com/procedures/hair-removal.php Treating Acne with BLU Light - Dr. Duffy offers laser hair removal (IPL) treatment services for legs, underarms, facial hair and chest/back hair.
  • http://www.drdavidmduffy.com/vanquish-fat-reduction.php Fat Removal Los Angeles - Do you have unwanted fat that you want to remove? You should try Vanquish a non-surgical fat removal in Los Angeles.

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  • Chris Hibbert - Cute little parable

    Vonnegut imagines a little society of people who have been hypnotized into a stasis. It seems to be saying that we're all sleepwalking but not with any clear alternative. If we're lucky, something will come along, recognize our plight and free us.

  • J. Scott - Price increase from 418 to $25 just like that?

    Works well and affordable the first time I bought it. But why did the price go up so much when I tried to reorder? Guess I will try something else. I won't be paying high prices. I bought it for $18 now I try to reorder and it's $24.90. I will pass.

  • Tri Nguyen - look good fit right in good reception, recommended for new sienna wish it alittle bit shorter will be nice

    look good fit right in good reception, recommended for new sienna wish it alittle bit shorter will be nice, happy with it

  • Krystina - Smells good

    This smells great! I don't know if it actually does what it says it will, because we haven't been traumatized by lice yet.... but it seems like it would because of the smell. It also helps me brush through my daughters long hair!

  • Ryan Sawtelle - Perfect Fit, works on the rims too!

    Perfect fit on my 2012 Malibu. PS. These also for perfectly for the Chevy emblem on center cap of the rims!!