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Dr. Alex Gandsas - Weight Loss and Metabolic Surgery Program - Dr Alex Gandsas and Anne Arundel Health System, Annapolis, Maryland (MD) - Weight loss Surgery Program.

  • http://www.dralexgandsas.com/download.php Dr. Alex Gandsas - Dr Alex Gandsas and UMDNJ School of Osteopathic Medicine presents patients testimonials of successful surgery.
  • http://www.dralexgandsas.com/seminars.php Dr. Alex Gandsas Bariatric Surgery Seminars in Spanish (EspaƱol) and English - If you are considering weight loss surgery and want to learn more about it, please attend the monthly Bariatric seminar information sessions in Annapolis.In a typical session, Dr. Alex Gandsas and the bariatric surgical team from AAMC will be available to discuss the different aspects of weight loss surgery, including nutrition, health and fitness, lifestyle modification and other health related topics.
  • http://www.dralexgandsas.com/sleeves.php Gastric Sleeve in New Jersey - (NJ) - Learn more about the Gastric Sleeve, also known as Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG), or simply Sleeve Gastrectomy a restrictive type of weight loss surgery that results in significant weight loss with less complications than gastric bypass surgery

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  • Raye - IF YOU HAVE A RECEDING HAIRLINE read this about kirkland minoxidil !

    I have been using this for over 5 years for my receding hairline. And yes I know its not for receding hair but my intention was to stop it from getting worse. For the most part it did and I was happy. About 6 months ago I noticed some short hairs like fuzz growing on the corners of my temples. I had never seen that before but I dismissed it as wishful thinking. A couple of months later it was longer. I showed my wife and she said she saw nothing significant. A month later I showed her and she said wow. I went to my hairdresser who I have been going to for years and without even bringing it up she said, " wow your receding hairline is gone !" So I thought to myself what have I done different ? Same shampoo,same diet, no new medicines, no new nothing that could affect my hair at all I concluded. Then last month by sheer accident I came across an article about a guy real excited he grew two hairs ( I'm not kidding it was 2 hairs) and had a picture of them on his receding hairline. He said it was due to using retinol cream. I became intrigued because 2 months previous I had ordered on Amazon some retinol moisturizer for the lines on my forehead hoping it would make them less noticeable. The informative article that followed was written by someone I cant remember other than the 2 hair guy. Keep in mind there was no attempt to sell retinol or sell anything on that page I read. It stated that it was noticed for some people retinol had a side effect of growing hair ESPECIALLY when combined with minoxidil. It was thought this happened by retinol"s ability to increase blood flow.

  • Shannon E. - I would recommend it for little kids 6 and under

    This was okay. I would recommend it for little kids 6 and under, but my 9 and 10 year old nieces lost interest due to the song choices and easy dance moves. They much prefer the regular version of Just Dance.

  • Amazon Customer - Nice reel

    Nice reel for the price. Gave it to my friend as a gift. He was very happy with it. Would do business with the seller again.

  • SZAA - Beautiful for display!

    My niece collects these and though, it's not a Barbie that will get played with, as she displays them, but she loved this one! The pale pink dress is a perfect representation of what a lot of us think of when we think of Barbie.

  • Luis V. - Not good for big led bars

    Not good for big led bars, I used it to wire a 300w 50" led bar, then the wires started to overheat, the harness can't handle the high wattage. Not recommended for high wattage system, maybe for small lights. I double checked for mistakes but none, I did my own harness using 12g wire and problem solved.

  • Ladysolitude - Nice Kicks

    purchased this for my God sister who is 13 years old. She absolutely loves these sneakers. They are comfortable and she received many complements on them.