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Nilesh Morar Consultant dermatologist London - Dr Nilesh Morar provides the best private dermatology service in London for common skin complaints. - Dermwithnm is a London based dermatology clinic run by Dr Nilesh Morar, providing private dermatology for acne treatment, eczema treatment, psoriasis treatment, skin cancer treatment, mole checking, botox treatment, skin allergies, paediatric dermatology.

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  • Taylor - Five Stars

    This book is absolutely beautiful. So meticulously illustrated and a wonderful addition to any collection.

  • ereripancake - Good product

    This was a great product that I would buy again. It was very durable and fit perfectly!!! This product saved my phone from shattering when I accidentally dropped it the other day. I, personally, would recommend this product and buy again!! I was given this item for free in exchange for my honest review.

  • iMomMom - Improved? Not really...

    I upgraded to Quickbooks for Mac 2013 from the 2012 version because I am a sucker for software updates. One of the main features was 'improved reconciliation' but it should have said 'reconcile your accounts in twice the time it used to take'. I reconcile my accounts daily and with the 2012 version you can easily scroll through the register in the reconcile window with your up and down arrows using your spacebar to quickly check and uncheck each transaction. Now you have you use the mouse, it takes a ridiculous amount of time for the check to appear and you can't move on to check another until the check has actually appeared. What used to take 60 seconds now takes 6 minutes.