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Dermatologist formulated skin care and skin health advice from Dr. Audrey Kunin. | DERMAdoctor - Skin care by DERMAdoctor. Shop for dermatologist formulated skin care products, read skin health advice from leading dermatologist, Dr. Audrey Kunin. DERMAdoctor's mission is to provide a series of non-irritating, effective and pleasing skin treatments. Whenever possible, DERMAdoctor blends skin rejuvenation with problem solving remedies. Enjoy Free Shipping, Samples and our Safe Shopping Guarantee.

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  • ADMAN - 70 is the new Woodstock

    I love CSN and I really enjoyed the DVD. There are a few harmony issues, but Crosby is 70, Nash is 70 and Stills is the youngster at 67. They sound good, look great and bring back hundreds of great memories. And let's be honest, I doubt Crosby would have bet he'd still be with us (he sounds terrific!).

  • Ryan - Awesome shirt!

    Very fast shipping! I received the shirt yesterday, opened it up, and my initial reaction was surprising on how good the quality was. Well worth the price, and makes for a great conversation while wearing.

  • kwiklip - Good Machine for the Price

    I just got this machine, which is my first new machine, even though I have been sewing for 20+ years. I inheirited an ancient Montgomery Ward single-stitch machine that worked its way down through my family. There was a mishap with it being dropped and I didn't repair it, because I was just over it. I finally treated myself to this machine, and I am glad I did. It is fairly basic, but that makes it easy to understand. As a novice, I don't need many complicated functions, just a machine that works well and is heavy-duty enough to handle some beginning quilting. I am on my 3rd project (did 2 throw pillows and now making a baby quilt) and so far, I love it. I am not noticing the problems I have been reading about in other reviews. The hassle with threading, which was touched upon twice that I saw, isn't really that hard. It is clearly illustrated in the book and just takes some getting used to. I do know that the needle doesn't become unthreaded easily like on my old machine, probably because it is held in place more securely. I have played with the various stitches and with the buttonholer, and I am satisfied with it. Inserting and threading the bobbin is a breeze, and the bobbin cover is clear plastic, so you can easily see when you are getting low on thread. It has handled multi-layers okay, but did struggle with the rubber-backed terry cloth pillow case I altered. It got hung up on the rubber and puckered a bit. I have since ordered a walking foot from eBay, which will take care of that problem in the future.

  • G O Compton - Best book on the 2012 election cycle

    Despite already knowing the outcome of the election, Dan Balz's writing style and insider insights make this a gripping read. If you want to read one book on the 2012 election cycle, then this should top your list.

  • D. Wells - Barely edible.

    I ordered these based on all the great reviews, but I have to say that they are certainly not the best. Maybe I just got a bad batch, but they are very, very salty. Now, having said that, I like quite a bit of salt, my husband likes very little. The first batch I fixed, I thought they were extremely salty, and he thought they were inedible. The few pouches I have fixed since then have seemed to be a little less salty than the first one, or maybe I just got used to it. But, the overall taste is just not that great, and neither of us want to eat them unless we have gravy or something to cover them up. Since I only make gravy about once a month, it will take quite some time to get through the entire box. Since I am not rich, I feel like I have to use them all instead of just throwing them out.

  • Matt Holloway - Half the price of Yeti and just as good. Go buy it. No brainer unless you're a frat boy who can't live without Yeti on his cup.

    Came in the mail yesterday. I've been wanting one of these after finding this company about a month ago randomly on the internet. For half the price of Yeti, I had to try it out. Can't say enough about it. Made well and does exactly what a Yeti would do. Would give it 100 stars if I could. Glad there is a company out there that doesn't try to destroy your bank account over an Ice chest and tumbler!

  • Kenneth C. Kenney - Spirit and Psychology

    The Trinity is an effective and primary metaphor in many faith and cosmological traditions. The psychological drivers that propel the Trinity concept are diverse, universal, and archetypal. Richard Rohr's conceptualization of the spiritual and psychological dynamics of this intriguing idea are well developed. They emerge in his clear thinking and artful writing. This work enriches me, and I appreciate the contributions of Mike Morrell. This is a wonderful effort.