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Dental Flex Italia Protesi Flessibili - Viva Flex Partials- Injection Fast - DFT - Dental Flex Italia protesi flessibili, sistema d'Iniezione, corsi, tutto sul mondo delle protesi flessibili. Viva Flex Partials® & Dual Flask Technology®

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  • Mate Bahnegyi - Very disappointed, the worst editing job I have ever seen

    Very disappointed, the worst editing job I have ever seen. The hockey footage is absolutely terrible, can barley see the goals, no good camera angles, no good replays. A hockey DVDshould show good hockey shots from a high camera angle so you can actually see what's happening. It's a shame that the NHL would produce something that's such low quality. The penguins' season was amazing, the NHL needs to make better quality championship DVDs!!

  • ANGIE - I really really wanted to keep this but the crotch ...

    I really really wanted to keep this but the crotch strap/buckle (yes, at the longest length) dug into my daughter's leg. If they made this a little longer, it'd be perfect

  • J. arkwell - Very pleased

    we started using this after my 6 year old came home from school with lice!!! Once we cleared her and the rest of the house I did some research on how to deter the little critters from hopping on my kids again and this came up in my search over and over again. It has a pleasant scent, the kids never complained once about it. We use it every morning as a leave in detangled before I brush and braid their hair for school then a few extra spritzes on top of the braid for good measure. So far, so good and the year is almost done. There have been more cases of lice in their classes but we have not been reinfected yet. Very pleased.

  • RavenRose - I love books with new ideas of what the supernatural are

    I just finished, and now I am anxiously awaiting the next book!! I love books with new ideas of what the supernatural are, for instance our dear Maximus (Vampire) is not hindered by the sun and eats normal food. I think that with the characters in this book starting at in their community a young age it is a great base to build on. I read a review that doesn't like Jessa being carried so much and that she is emotional, but I find that to be part of the base character and I am interested to see how she grows into the big bad alpha she is destined to be. I see a parallel to Twilight in the way Jacob had a close connection to Bella and then imprinted on her baby, and Maximus's feelings for Jessa being so strong and then her twin falling into the mix. ;) ;) I am looking forward to where this story is going with the Dragon King and Romania. I assume the dreams Jessa is having of the other 2 dragons is the 2 ladies that were breaking the Marked out of Prison. Exciting!!! Of Course I didn't get enough of Braxton whom I am certain is Jessa's Mate!! I hope I hope I hope!! But we leave off with Jessa still having missed Breakfast and us starving for more! Can't wait for the next Book!!

  • Sarah Lynn Chambliss - 70 cool high gloss stickers!

    I got these to go with the Sticker album for my son. The set comes with ten packages containing 7 different stickers within each individual package. We only got two duplicates in our entire set, which was pretty cool! It contains rookies and veteran players as well, so that makes it interesting - even for my husband who likes to complete the set with our son. These absolutely would make a great stocking stuffer in addition to the album if you're looking for gift ideas with Christmas right around the corner.

  • austin - Ordering fiday can't wait had bike before it was stolen ...

    Ordering fiday can't wait had bike before it was stolen out of back yard due to area and neighborhood

  • Steven Angel - It pretty much works as stated

    It pretty much works as stated. My only real issue was that after half completing, I was already bleeding from four separate places. It's very easy to slice yourself when using it.