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  • mark - A must have for indoor gardens!

    This light is by far worth the money, i bought this light first, and thought i could save some money and buy a cheaper one for a second light and that was my mistake, it was extremly poor quality, chrap plastic LEDS not nearly as bright, and it didnt have the yellow and whites along with the blue and redlike the viper does, these lights are made with such quality and are extremly bright, has a switch so you can use one or both sides, comes with the hanger already attached, and its been working like a charm, my veggies are roaring, all in all i bought a second why because i couldnt resist, great all around product, and the fans to help cool the light are very quite and its extremly efficent, if you have yhe money dont go anywhere else, or any cheaper cause it wont be worth it, these are the lights you need!

  • Nakro - Great price for the product.

    It is a great product for pain and spasms of urinary tract infections. I do find it helps so much, and the price makes it very affordable.

  • Thomas Murch - First the instructions are not very clear and easy to follow on the last step

    I didn't mind all the work and many steps which take up to 1/2 hr to 1 hr. The last step they need to improve. First the instructions are not very clear and easy to follow on the last step. You really don't want to over lap AT ALL. Just one pass is all you get. Don't put on too much or it will streak and drip, don't put on too little or it won't cover. You have one shot and one pass and hope it goes on well or it will leave streak marks and your stuck, not fix or remedy.

  • Arthur Zepeda Jr. - Beware! Error 53

    This game was purchased from Best Buy shortly after the games release for approximately $50. This is an important fact for my review as you will see later. I am what you will call a casual gamer. Since the games release I was able to get my Barbarian character up to level 19 thru the beginning of Act 2. I am not a fan of having to login to Battle.net every time I play the game. As most reviews show this is the main reason for all of the 1 star reviews. Well, on the afternoon of July 8, I received an email from Blizzard with the subject heading "Blizzard Store--Purchased Failed". You better hope to God you never get this email. Basically the email says that "since we could not fully authorize this item's purchase (they are referring to Diablo 3, the game that I purchased in Best Buy), it has now been deactivated. At first I thought this was a fraudulent email. After a couple of days I attempted to play Diablo 3, and after I logged in, I received "Error 53" which states that your account has been suspended. After creating a trouble ticket to Blizzard which I knew I was screwed since I know how these always turn out, I received a reply back stating that the game that was on my account was purchased online, and since the transaction didn't go thru, the game was removed from my account. Not only did they remove Diablo 3, but they also removed Starcraft 2 which has been on there since it came out. They wiped my entire account clean. I haven't tried to reinstall yet, but I can already bet that my authentication code no longer works. I will update this review later when I try that. Stay away from this game if you don't want this happening to you. I've sent 3 emails back on my ticket and each time they tell me that this game was purchased online.

  • yorky - Great car stereo but there was no manual dont know ...

    Great car stereo but there was no manual dont know how to hook up the streering wheel control wiring

  • DebO - compare

    Originally, I received an email that I would NOT received the brushes for 5-7 days. Being a member of the instant gratification society, I was disappointed. However, the brushes arrived in 2 days :) The set is VERY nice. Equally as nice as a famous brand name brush that I admired recently at a chain beauty store, for twice as much for 1 brush. Thanks!

  • ingo ehrfeld - Board blew and fried out within 3 minutes of running ...

    Board blew and fried out within 3 minutes of running. Also took my CPU out. awaiting response from seller for replacement as this is still within 30 days of purchase!