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City: -46.9333 Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Dean Q Public - Don't buy!

    Do not buy this product with a repeat buying option from the company. They will overcharge you more than you agreed to. And when you cancel they will keep charging you. I did not buy this from Amazon, but bought it through the company. They are a scam, in my opinion. Also, I saw no major whitening improvement.

  • Brandon - This is an awful programmer

    This programmer locks up constantly and will not record any data. When I put it into scan tool mod it locks up every time. No amount of updating will help. As for customer assistance that awful too. I spoke to Mike Mendiburo at Dioblo and at first he is very helpful and tells me he wants me to hook up the programmer and perform a reset and that I must leave it hooked to my computer and turned on until he gives me a code but when I do as he says then he will not get back to me with the code, I guess he has better things to do than help a customer that spent $400 on a programmer that doesn't work.

  • S. MacKiel - Caboki is OK but is not the best fiber concealer on the market!

    I have a receding hairline, less dense but still a decent amount of hair on the top of my head.. I've tried most of the fiber concealers - Caboki, Toppik, Megathik and Nanogen... In my opinion Nanogen is BY FAR a superior product out of the four I've tested.. it looks more realistic (they use more realistic color dyes and slightly denser electrostatic charged fibers). Also Nanogen seems to bond to hairs in less dense areas better rather than landing and clumping on your scalp like Caboki and Nanogen is formulated to work seamlessly with a customized locking mist that is surprisingly water resistant (Without any locking mist Caboki came RIGHT off in the rain).. Caboki, Megathik, and Toppik fibers are seem to be smaller and less quality than Nanogens and Caboki fibers are made of a plant based substance which doesn't match your natural hair color as realistically to me, easily falls onto your scalp and blots up like mascara much easier, ESPECIALLY since they claim you don't need an additional locking mist.. Don't believe their claims which you don't need a separate locking "glue" , there are ZERO fibers on the market *yet* which perform well without a locking mist. Believe me, I've tested them THOROUGHLY because I'd rather not spend the xtra money on a separate locking mist if I don't need to.. The only possible pluses I can think of for Caboki is 1. that they're made of a plant based fiber, but since when is your hair made of a substance other than keratin which could possibly look more natural than 100% keratin? and 2. Caboki gives you more fibers for your dollar, however, keep in mind you'll burn through these fibers MUCH quicker because they're noticeably finer in granularity than Nanogen.. Believe it or not, 15 grams of Nanogen fibers went almost the same distance as a standard size bottle of Caboki @ 25 grams. But, don't take my word for it.. :)

  • retired eng - Great value - if you are not a brand conscientious person

    I don't understand how people can complain about this tablet realizing they only spend a little over $100

  • Giannis - Good antivirus program

    Norton Antivirus is fast and effective. I have never had a virus infection when running the product, but I have been cautious myself anyway. I like the interface and the few extra tools it provides on the "performance" tab: running processes & file insight; download insight that informs both about safety and stability of each file; disk optimizer that runs after any program installation; PC utilization and information charts.