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  • Robert A. - Its like Altoids for your lungs

    Move over Vick's Vapo-rub! While it seems the strength of Vicks has been reduced in the last few years, probably to accommodate this newer generation's more delicate senses, this stuff doesn't hold back! Its like Altoids for your lungs. Just remember, only inhale the vapors, do not attempt to apply this stuff to the inside of your nostrils!

  • Amazon Customer - I continue to absolutely love this series

    Sure, we can argue fine points on this season's episodes. Some plot lines stretch credulity (the homeless shelter set up in a home for sale for one)but the acting is just so wonderful. William H. Macy continues to amaze. The other cast members have developed their respective characters beautifully. I'm hooked!

  • Sarah Grace - Moisturizing Shampoo

    This stuff is great for adding moisture, and it smells amazing. I use it after Shampoo Two (a clarifying shampoo) to rehydrate my hair and scalp. I definitely recommend it for fighting static and dull, dry hair.

  • Finkagueru - A basic wearable that tracks good information.

    Another fitness tracker on the now ever crowded industry of wearable. I bought this for the price and tracking feature, as I wanted not only a fitness tracker but something that tracked sleep. No this does not track HR and if anything you barely look at the wearable itself as it is mainly app based in terms of tracking, as in any useful information can only be looked at through the app.