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Cottonwood Tucson | Arizona Drug Rehab | Behavioral Health, Addiction Treatment - Learn about our renowned holistic behavioral health treatment center and Arizona addiction rehab here.

  • https://www.cottonwooddetucson.com/../history Our History | Arizona Treatment Center| Addiction Rehab - Cottonwood Tucson was founded in 1987 by a group of recovering individuals. Their vision was to create a world-class treatment center in Tucson. Learn about our renowned programs here.
  • https://www.cottonwooddetucson.com/../tour Video Tour | Arizona Treatment Center | Addiction Rehab - The Cottonwood Tucson programs share over 35 beautiful acres on a campus-like environment, amid the natural landscape of the Southwestern desert.
  • https://www.cottonwooddetucson.com/../spiritual-path Spiritual Path | Arizona Rehab | Spirituality and Addiction Recovery - Spirituality is an essential component of addiction recovery. See how Cottonwood promotes spiritual growth in our addiction recovery programs.
  • https://www.cottonwooddetucson.com/../holistic-treatment Holistic Addiction Treatment | Holistic Drug Rehab | Arizona - Holistic addiction treatment means effectively treating the whole person. Learn about our holistic approach to beating drug and alcohol addiction, depression, anxiety and more here.
  • https://www.cottonwooddetucson.com/../nutrition Nutrition at Cottonwood | Nutrition Plan for Addiction Recovery - Good nutrition is an important, though often overlooked, component of a healthy recovery from addictions and mood disorders.
  • https://www.cottonwooddetucson.com/../exercise Exercise at Cottonwood | Addiction Recovery Fitness - At Cottonwood, we appreciate the fact that physical activity is key in attaining physical and emotional balance and is also necessary for optimizing the brain’s abilities.
  • https://www.cottonwooddetucson.com/../spirituality Spirituality at Cottonwood | Holistic Drug Rehab | The Recovery Process - At Cottonwood, spiritual growth is an important part of the holistic recovery process – whether it is recovery from trauma, grief or depression or from an addiction to drugs or alcohol.
  • https://www.cottonwooddetucson.com/../cuisine Cuisine at our Arizona Drug Rehab | Nutrition, Food in Addiction Recovery - At Cottonwood, we offer our patients five star cuisine that is skillfully designed to incorporate nutrients that optimize healing and recovery - meals planned and prepared to be healthy, delicious, and pleasing to the eye.
  • https://www.cottonwooddetucson.com/../community-service Community Involvement at Cottonwood Tucson - Cottonwood Tucson is a unique organization with an engaged staff. We have built a strong foundation with a commitment to our immediate communities of patients and staff gradually enhancing these intertwined 'branches' by actively pledging our efforts to work with local and regional projects.
  • https://www.cottonwooddetucson.com/../environmental-sustainability Sustainability Mission Team of Cottonwood Tucson | 800.877.4520 - Cottonwood Tucson is committed to bringing healing and wholeness to each individual at our facility. To achieve this goal, we continually seek to improve our treatment by developing new programs and tools which assist our patients in attaining optimal health.
  • https://www.cottonwooddetucson.com/../adopt-a-family-sponsorship Cottonwood Tucson's Adopt-A-Family Sponsorship - The Salvation Army helps families in crisis. During the holidays their Adopt-A-Family Program seeks groups and organizations to participate within the local community by adopting a family to address the needs of low-income households.
  • https://www.cottonwooddetucson.com/../addiction-treatment Learn About Addictions | Addiction Rehab and Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment - Learn about addictions and co occurring disorders and how they are treated at Cottonwood Tucson.
  • https://www.cottonwooddetucson.com/../addiction-mood-disorder-programs Treatment Programs | Arizona Rehab Programs - We rely on the latest research to design cutting-edge, patient-responsive addiction treatment programs.
  • https://www.cottonwooddetucson.com/../adult-treatment-programs Adult Behavioral Health | Adult Addiction Treatment Programs - Our intensive Adult Program includes a strong, solid base of medical management, twelve-step recovery concepts, family involvement, group therapy, nutritional counseling, and experiential therapies. Individualized treatment planning allows for effective treatment of co-occurring disorders.
  • https://www.cottonwooddetucson.com/../young-adult-program Young Adult Addiction Treatment | Drug Rehab Young Adults - Cottonwood Tucson’s Young Adult addiction treatment programs offer a treatment focus specifically designed for young adults (ages 18-24) suffering from alcohol and drug addictions and other co-occurring behavioral health problems.
  • https://www.cottonwooddetucson.com/../health-services Health Services | Tucson Detox | Arizona Medically Managed Detoxification - Recovery from alcoholism/addiction may require detox. In our Tucson, Arizona addiction rehab, we provide medically-managed detoxification. Our on-site doctors and nursing staff provide all necessary medical intervention 24 hours a day.
  • https://www.cottonwooddetucson.com/../assessment-program CAP Cottonwood | Addiction Assessment Program | Arizona Inpatient Evaluation - CAP will give you answers. This addiction assessment program is a comprehensive 4 day inpatient program that can help determine your treatment needs.
  • https://www.cottonwooddetucson.com/../co-occurring-disorders Co-Occurring Disorders Program | Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center - Cottonwood Tucson is internationally respected and proven to have a positive effect on preventing relapse for dual diagnosis patients after treatment.
  • https://www.cottonwooddetucson.com/../mood-disorder-treatment Behavioral Health Treatment | Mood Disorders Treatment | Rehab for Depression - Cottonwood offers a unique mood disorders treatment program as part of our behavioral health treatment. We treat each disorder (depression, anxiety, bi-polar etc.) for the best long-lasting results.
  • https://www.cottonwooddetucson.com/../depression-treatment-center Depression Treatment Center | Rehab for Depression - Our depression treatment center looks at the whole person and incorporates individualized comprehensive services. Learn more about our rehab for depression starting here.
  • https://www.cottonwooddetucson.com/../bipolar-disorder-treatment-program Bipolar Disorder Treatment Program | Rehab Arizona | Bi-Polar Rehab - Cottonwood Tucson is a renowned treatment center for bipolar disorder and manic depression. Learn more about our board certified psychiatrists and comprehensive program here.
  • https://www.cottonwooddetucson.com/../anxiety-treatment-center Anxiety Treatment Center | Rehab for Anxiety Disorders & Panic Attacks - Anxiety and panic attacks are common. Click here for information on anxiety disorders and treatment for panic attacks and anxiety attacks.
  • https://www.cottonwooddetucson.com/../trauma-ptsd-program Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder | Trauma Treatment | PTSD Therapy - Symptoms of trauma include nightmares, flashbacks to traumatic events, anger, guilt, sadness and Tension. At Cottonwood, we treat the disorder in an environment of safety and support.
  • https://www.cottonwooddetucson.com/../grief-treatment Grief and Loss Treatment | Arizona Depression Treatment | Loss of a Loved One - Information on Cottonwood Tucson's complicated grief and loss treatment program in Arizona. Our rehab for depression and grief and loss is run by top clinicians
  • https://www.cottonwooddetucson.com/../eating-disorder-treatment Arizona Eating Disorder Treatment | Anorexia Nervosa | Bulimia, EDNOS Rehab - We treat Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia and EDNOS through our whole person treatment plans, including CBT, mindful eating, 12 step recovery, trauma therapy and more...
  • https://www.cottonwooddetucson.com/../family-program Family Program at Cottonwood Tucson | Family Therapy in Addiction Treatment - Family program is designed to shift an unhealthy set of logical behaviors to a healthy set of logical behaviors: to create new patterns of behavior that allow for the recovery of the family and its loved one.
  • https://www.cottonwooddetucson.com/../relapse-prevention Relapse Prevention and Treatment | Arizona Addiction Rehab - We believe that relapse is a process that starts long before a recovering person begins to use a mood-altering substance or resort to a destructive behavior again. The process of relapse is marked by warning signs that typically take the form of unhealthy attitudes, behavior and beliefs.

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