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Construction Safety Services, Inc. - C.S.S.I. saves you money on your safety budget by helping to reduce accidents and promote safety awareness throughout your organization.

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  • Natalie - Not to bad.

    This flavor was ok i personally liked vanilla better. You can buy this stuff for way cheaper on nutrition 53.com for 19.99 plus 25% off when you buy you first tub. Love the product works really great, but now I'm going to save a few bucks on the other site.

  • STS95 - Impressive quality in this price range

    I am very impressed with the overall build quality of this generator. Every component down to the paint used appears high quality and well fitted. The engine is a refined 7hp OHV unit with rubber engine mounts and a large heavy steal muffler. The frame is also sturdy gauge steel with rubber pads underneath to dampen vibration.

  • Sandy - Just opened my purchase and...

    tried mixing it with every combination mentioned in the guide as well as most of those mentioned here, and I can't choke it down. Unless I can find a way to make it taste better I don't think I'll be losing any weight with this product. I use protein drinks everyday for my breakfast and this is by far the worst tasting I've ever encountered. If your going to give this a try, order only one can, not the double pack and make sure you can tolerate the taste before you spend this much money!

  • Byron - Doctor recommended, pain significantly reduced after 2 weeks!

    Doctor recommended to take this for disc herniation pain after a car accident. I was unable to put the dishes on the dishwasher without having to put my weight on my side and arm, due to the pain, while using one arm to load the dishes. After 2 weeks of using it, I realized that I was no longer having to bend my knees to put the dishes on the dishwasher and could actually do it without having to put my weight on my other arm and side. It is truly a miracle! It didn't get rid entirely of the pain, but what was before excruciating pain is now tolerable.

  • Roxy - Questions are not really similar to what's on the Teavs ...

    Questions are not really similar to what's on the Teavs test, Personal opinion; I feel it has too many unrelated practice questions and there are multiple errors in the book.

  • Amazing Phil - Loving it so far...

    This is so much better than my last phone. I can actually text without a stylus because the keyboard is large enough! I mostly use my phone for talk and text with the occasional use of data, so I'm not going to have to worry about running out of app memory. The main camera takes great pictures. At $60.00 you can safely forgo the expense of a case, and tempered glass screen protector (though I did get a cheap one to reduce finger smudges) If this phone breaks after a year or two, you can afford to replace it, and will probably be ready for an upgrade to the newest version anyway. I ran the recommended update with no problems. I really like the features of Android 5.0, and now that my Fire HD OS has updated to 5.0 (basically a modified version of lollipop) I am fairly current on the two devices I use the most. This phone is an excellent value for the price. No problems at all so far, Big enough to use, but still fits in my pocket, and I was able to use my standard PureTalk SIM card. Fantastic battery life with Wifi/Bluetooth turned off, and screen brightness dialed down.

  • F. Krutchik - The DeLorme Earthmate GPS LT-40 2010 is amazing

    The DeLorme Earthmate GPS LT-40 2010 is amazing. Although the Street Atlas USA 2010 is the latest edition, it apparently depends on census data to add new streets and street numbers. Missing streets and house numbers are frustrating. The software is fairly self-explanatory, but a novice might find difficulty understanding the instructions.