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Cleankeeping Home New - Cleankeeping - Cleankeeping Home Page. Discover the most effective natural solutions to pollution, energy and climate change. Let's make the planet a better place to live!

  • http://www.cleankeeping.net/cleankeeping-about-natural-solutions/ About Natural Solutions - Cleankeeping - Cleankeeping is the only website on the net providing solutions to pollution, public health and climate change with the exclusive help of natural solutions.
  • http://www.cleankeeping.net/clean-vegetables/ Clean-Vegetables Topic Page - Cleankeeping - This is the special topic created to show how vegetables can be protected with natural tools from pollution and how they can be used for remediation as well
  • http://www.cleankeeping.net/maize-wonders/ Maize Wonders For Remediation - Cleankeeping - How to use all maize crop parts as a natural tool for the environmental remediation, from tassels to corn steep liquor and straw.
  • http://www.cleankeeping.net/the-banana-peel-filter/ The Banana Peel Filter - Cleankeeping - How to use a very readily available fruit waste to make the water safer from pollution, with a special focus on some highly dangerous pollutants.
  • http://www.cleankeeping.net/the-black-magic-dust/ The Black Magic Dust - Cleankeeping - How to produce 200% more fresh and healthy vegetable foods by using a single and powerful natural tool basically available to everyone.
  • http://www.cleankeeping.net/the-rice-waste-greenprint/ The Rice Waste Greenprint - Cleankeeping - How to use rice waste for the natural remediation of soil and water polluted by several chemical compounds, mainly heavy metals.
  • http://www.cleankeeping.net/this-acid-is-magic/ This Acid Is Really Magic - Cleankeeping - How to use lemons to remove many pollutants from contaminated sites, mostly by using citric acid, a sort of magic tool extracted from their juice.
  • http://www.cleankeeping.net/clean-remedies/ Clean-Remedies Topic Page - Cleankeeping - This is the special topic created to show how to use natural methods to remediate most types of environmental pollution by only relying on local resources.
  • http://www.cleankeeping.net/cow-dung-for-pesticides/ Cow Dung For Pesticides - Cleankeeping - How to be safe from pollution by many pesticides and medical waste emissions with the use of cow dung which is one of the greatest natural products we have.
  • http://www.cleankeeping.net/radio-shrooms/ Radio Shrooms Protects People From Nuke Accidents - Cleankeeping - How to protect people from nuclear accidents over time with the use of some highly useful mushrooms, able to remove radioactive materials from the ground.
  • http://www.cleankeeping.net/sunflowers-for-good/ Sunflowers For Good - Cleankeeping - Sunflowers are a precious resource to remove many pollutants from the ground and in water. We must better know them and disseminate this knowledge.
  • http://www.cleankeeping.net/tamarind-for-landfills/ Tamarind For Landfills - Cleankeeping - How to treat landfills leachate (especially ammoniacal nitrogen and chemical oxygen demand) with the only use of tamarind seeds, properly prepared.
  • http://www.cleankeeping.net/the-dioxin-box/ Dioxin Box For An Effective Remediation- Cleankeeping - How to remove dioxin from contaminated areas with the use of readily available natural tools, no need of expensive technologies and tools.
  • http://www.cleankeeping.net/zero-mercury/ Zero Mercury For Water - Cleankeeping - Mercury is the target of this program. It can be removed from freshwater and seawater by only using cork stoppers, properly prepared and applied.
  • http://www.cleankeeping.net/clean-cold-topic-page/ Clean & Cold Topic Page - Cleankeeping - This is the special topic created to bring green innovations and a more sustainable approach to the darkest side of the energy sector.
  • http://www.cleankeeping.net/agricultural-waste-for-maya/ Agricultural Waste For Maya - Cleankeeping - How to protect the environment and public health when crude oil is released on the ground, by only using some selected agricultural wastes.
  • http://www.cleankeeping.net/algae-for-coal-water/ Algae For Coal Water - Cleankeeping - How to use algae for removing many chemicals at once when dealing with polluted wastewaters coming from a coal power plant.
  • http://www.cleankeeping.net/ethanol-for-nuke/ Ethanol For Nuke - Cleankeeping - How to remediate water polluted by uranium with one of the most surprising and easy to apply natural solutions available today.
  • http://www.cleankeeping.net/flower-power-for-oil/ Flower Power For Oil - Cleankeeping - How to use some flowers to remove or degrade the most common petroleum products from the ground and in water and avoid all possibly occurring mistakes.
  • http://www.cleankeeping.net/food-waste-for-diesel-oil/ Food Waste For Diesel Oil - Cleankeeping - How to remove diesel oil from polluted areas by almost 80% in only 2 weeks with the simple use of food waste can be collected from community
  • http://www.cleankeeping.net/mushrooms-for-oil/ Mushrooms For Oil For Spills and Leaks - Cleankeeping - How to remove almost all petrochemical compounds with the use of mushrooms-based natural methods, very easy to prepare and apply

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  • sumogirl - Comfortable!

    I love love love these shoes. I've ben trying to find a shoe with a wide toe box and these fit the bill.I'm not a runner so not sure how they work for that,but I do hike and walk and these are perfect.

  • Marlona - Grease-Free...Bologna

    This is a horrible product, it claims not to be greasy but it has cedar oil and lemongrass oil and has left a stain on the bottom of my 3 sofa's where my dog rubs up against. It's been 3 weeks and 10 baths for my dog since he continues to rub on the sofa's and the residue of this product rubs onto him and makes him a grease ball. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT IF YOU ANIMAL RUBS AGAINST YOUR FURNITURE. It is very greasy and stinky!

  • Kyla C. - Great stuff!

    I really wanted a tattoo, but I was terrified of the pain. I asked the tattoo artist if he would work with the prescription topical anesthetic, Emla. He said that Emla leaves the skin really tacky, and he suggested that I look into Hush. I used it as directed, and I was able to get a 10" piece across my shoulder blades, scanning my spine (which is supposed to be one of the most painful spots to get tattooed). I couldn't feel the first stroke at all, and even had to ask if he had actually started. There were definitely still some spots that were uncomfortable, especially right on top of my spine, but I'm sure it would have been MUCH worse without Hush. This was my first tattoo so I don't have anything to compare it to, but using Hush made the experience bearable, and actually painless in some areas. I will definitely be using Hush if get another tattoo.