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  • Amazon Customer - Just "OK"

    You have to suspend logic to buy into the story, and that's always been more short-coming as a reader. Even as a layman, I'm fully aware that a law enfocement officer wouldn't have stepped into that setting without back-up. There were no extenuating circumstances that demanded that response. So.....I'll continue my search for a good suspense/crime writer.

  • Amazon Customer - but my mood is even worse when I don't take them

    I've been taking these for almost three years now. Its helped me maintain a healthy weight, but it definitely has had an effect on my mood. Sometimes I feel angry and agitated for no reason when I take them, but my mood is even worse when I don't take them. These pills are for sure good for an energy boost and it definitely makes your digestive system run faster, but after a while it will definitely have an affect on my overall mental health and mood. I looked up all the ingredients today and most of these ingredients are not good for you at all. The ingredients FD&C Red #40 and Blue #1 have been proven to increase hyperactivity and cancer. Titanium dioxide has been proven to increase lung inflammation, dan damage, kidney damage, and small intestine inflammation. Those are just a few of the harmful ingredients. I'm definitely going to stop taking these pills.