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ChiroZen - Southbank Chiropractic Clinic - I am the Southbank Chiropractor specializing in treating back and neck pain. During your initial consult with me I will use my expertise to design a treatm

  • https://www.chirozen.com.au/remedial-massage/ Chirozen Chiropractic Appointment Types & Prices - Chirozen offers a range of chiropractic appointment types, we cater for the busy Melbourne CBD workers that want a quick chiropractic adjustment between meetings.
  • https://www.chirozen.com.au/chiropractic-services/ Southbank Chiropractic Services & Low Level Laser Therapy - Services Offered At Chirozen, Chiropractic & LLLT ( Low Level Laser Therapy ). Great Location For People in Melbourne CBD searching for Chiropractic Care.
  • https://www.chirozen.com.au/about-us/ About Dr Karelien Vermaak & Chirozen - Southbank Chiropractor - Dr Karelien Vermaak is a Chiropractor with a Masters in Clinical Chiropractic. She is a trusted health professional to people that take their health seriously. Karelien restores spinal health and optimal nervous system function through treatment and education.
  • https://www.chirozen.com.au/what-is-chiropractic/ ChiroZen | Southbank Chiropractor Helping Melbournians - Welcome to Chirozen - Southbank Chiropractor. I'm Dr Vermaak. I am a chiropractor and I specialize in treating back and neck pain.

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  • H.C. - Little did I know...

    ...that the chicken nugget world record was recorded just a few minutes from our house. This book was purchased as a gift for our soon this past holiday season and he has read it from front to back and back to front. He loves it and because he loves it, so do I.

  • Hotstack - Nice brushes

    The brush brisles are nice. All but 1 brush have broken. I left my makeup bag in my car in 98 degree heat and I guess it melted the glue that held the handle and brush together. I only use 3 brushes. The others all look similar to each other. So I have back ups.

  • N. Brueheim - Feeling good !

    When I start my face routine, this is the product I reach for first. It holds my makeup on all day. A good start and finish to the day ! Nancy

  • Vicki Berens - I couldn't put it down!!

    I truly enjoyed reading Chip and Joanna's story, although there was never any doubt I would. :) These people share their story just like they are sitting in the living room of your home with you. I feel inspired to do better, to live better and to thrive better. Thank you to both of you for sharing your ups and downs! Someday, either in this life or eternity, I will be honored to meet you and call you friends!

  • Margaret - A bunch if gossip,bunches,and hearsay Boring!

    This book was not only boring but very poorly written. Filled with typos and misspellings, but worst of all the ridiculously long run on sentences. Most sentences had no less than 25 words in them. By the time I finished a sentence , I could no longer remember what it was supposed to be about. It read like a long,very bad tabloid rumor -mongered story. Most annoying to me was that "I Love Lucy" was written as 7 Love Lucy or / Love Lucy....no reason given, so I'm just assuming this was typos of the worst kind!