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Chardon Pharma - Capture and build upon expertise in the area of pharmacology and drug development, and make that expertise available for the discovery, selection and development of new drugs and new formulations of known drugs.

  • http://www.chardonpharma.com/../our-approach Chardon Pharma - Chardon Pharma proves that your idea works, called obtaining proof of concept (POC). The POC phase is the phase in the development of a drug in which the value of the compound increases most.
  • http://www.chardonpharma.com/../available-techniques Chardon Pharma - The available techniques are in the field of psychopharmacology, in particular related to obesity, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, stress-related disorders and pain.
  • http://www.chardonpharma.com/../get-in-touch Chardon Pharma - Please contact us about any questions you should have concerning proofing your pharmaceutical ideas.

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  • FreedomZman - If you have trouble. ..

    Even though i have a large nose, it is hard for me to breath at night depending on the side that i am laying on, so i thiught i'd give this a shot and i am glad i did. It works, you can immediately tell that there is more air flow through your nostrils. Helps me sleep a lot better. It is very sticky and kind of hard to get it off your nose in the morning. It does leave a weird feeling on your nose but it goes away pretty fast. I would recommend it.

  • AmandaL - NOT original product!

    I am a Young Living rep and have been for many years, THIS PRODUCT HAS LIKELY BEEN ADULTERED! You can tell in the picture that it has had a different seal/cap put on it than that of the original bottles. PLEASE do NOT trust this type of stuff. You can ONLY get it guaranteed to be 100% pure, genuine YL oils if you order directly from YL!

  • sierra - I have also found that these razors work great on the peach fuzz on face

    I bought theses for cleaning up the little wispy hairs around my eyebrows. I was concerned that the hair would be rough but after shaving with these the hair felt soft and stubbly. I have also found that these razors work great on the peach fuzz on face, stomach or spots that were missed when shaving. My only complaint is that they seemed to get dull very quickly.

  • T. Clyne - Q2011 - Worst Quicken Ever!

    I'll keep it short. My experience matches those of other reviewers. Why is yet another file format used!? Why is it OK to load retail software with ads? Why does it fail to retrieve bank account/transaction info? Why are reports so ugly and awkward now? How come the budget function is broken so badly? Sheesh! What an insult this software is to those of us who used to have confidence in the Intuit brand!