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  • PB&J - Wonderful results, works as described

    The most important thing to know before buying this is that retinol is a serious chemical. Its skin clearing properties were first discovered over 80 years ago but it used to require a doctor's prescription. Why? Because like I said, it's serious stuff. ;)

  • Sharon - Franklin International 5013 Titebond Hide Glue

    I HAD A VIOLIN PROBLEM. A String did not hold tight because of a thin crack in the neck close to the string. So I Took a toothpick and put this glue in the very tiny crack and clamped it together. The clamp was left on for a week.

  • Angel - Everybody should read this book.

    It totally changed my mind abot the way I was treating my GERD and asthma. It turns out my doctor was wrong, taking PPIs not only doesn't cure anything but also caused me terrible side effects. I switched from the whatever-prazole pills to Betaine HCL. I have just 3 days taking it but I already can see a change in my stomach and skin. I really hope it does cure my asthma.

  • G. Rogde - Not sure why people have problems...it's great

    If you use this product correctly, take your time putting it on, prep surface and roll it on with care (watching to make sure you are not putting on to thin of a coat), it's wonderful. Been on my deck 2 years now, looks like new. No problem with peeling. EVERYONE raves on how great my deck looks.

  • D. Allen - Nice gaming rig with some annoying issues

    I was well aware of the requirements to owning this machine and I accepted those realities because of the actually potential use of the equipment in the future. Graphics are rendered nicely, hasn't frozen up yet after 2 weeks of constant use (unlike the xb360). The interface with the kinect whether its voice or gesture commands does work...erratically. I found that in voice commands to be recognized to speak slow and loud, and it usually results in the command being recognized. Hand gestures are more frustrating because the kinect doesn't always see your hand movements correctly, again slow deliberate movements yield the best results as well as being closer to the kinect ( I have it on my desk about 4 feet from me on top of the tv). I am enjoying it overall and so far I'm not sorry about buying this over the ps4. All the glitches known and unknown I'm sure will be patched by updates as the equipment matures and new titles are released. And of course you can still navigate around the XBOX1 with the game pad if the voice/gesture commands are too annoying... Enjoy