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  • JOHN MAYHAN - Very economical, durable, easy install- two caveats

    Came in 4 parts plus accessories: HDMI cable and a two mini levelers. The HDMI cable alone is worth $20 (BestBuy price). The mount came in 4 parts- two piece mounting frame and two mount arms. The smaller leveler came packaged with the hardware pack, and is not mentioned in the instructions. Use its clip side to attach to the top of the frame when mounting it. Here are my installation notes: 1) it so happened that where I wanted to mount the TV there was a stud in the middle, and the assembled frame holes could not reach the other studs, each 16" from the center stud. The frame is about 32" length overall. Generally one would just offset the frame to the left or right, but with a rather large monitor, I feared an off-center appearance in the end. The solution was to mount a 34" long piece of 1" x 12" pine board and use (4) 3" lag bolts with 1/4 washers to mount the board to the studs that were to the left and right of the center stud. Afterward mount the frame using (4) #12 1" sheet metal pan-head Phillips screws with matching washers. There was enough space just below this mount to conceal a new AC outlet and an access plate for the A/V wires. 2) the mounting arms have a hardware accessory pack that is insufficient. Along with screw (a,b,c,d,or e) and star washers (f), add regular machine washers between star washers and the mount arms. Without these extra washers, the smaller screws may slip through the mount arms and cause your monitor to fall. Other than these caveats, this is really nice product.

  • M. Askar - Great quality and price

    I can't say how happy I am with this bike. The price dropped around $100 since I first put this in my Cart on Amazon. The bike is a beautiful blue. Very sturdy and rides very smooth. You have to be somewhat savvy with assembling things before you can put this bike together. It requires a fair amount of skill.

  • Jada - This product is the best peeling facial cleanser I have ever bought

    This product is the best peeling facial cleanser I have ever bought! It only takes a small amount of the gel to peel the entire face. When I was using this product, I could literally feel and see the dead skin coming off of my face. My face felt amazing after I had finished. I highly recommend it!

  • Kevin Traas - If they had a 5X, I'd buy them instead ...

    If they had a 5X, I'd buy them instead! Am I the only 6' 6" guy around looking for decent gloves? So, for me, these fit quite tight at first, but they loosen up a bit over time as I stretch them out. Then the seams start to go, and I'm back here to buy another pair.

  • C. Campbell - Five Stars

    Very helpful manual to have--great go to for quick do-it-yourself repairs and answers questions. Helpful pictures and instructions.

  • SwankB - It made my hair manageable!

    Arrived in time and in great condition. I took it straight out of the box and put it to work! Heats pretty quickly, and works as promised. I tried it on my hair (which was not freshly washed, and straight out of cornrows, and still saw a great difference. My hair is natural and ridiculously thick, so any 2-in-1 shortcut is welcomed! This thing here kills two birds with one (heated) brush! Although it didn't get bone-straight, it certainly made my hair more manageable...which is a plus in & of its own.