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Brain Resource Center - Brain Resource Center of New York provides behavioral therapy and biofeedback approaches for adults, children and adolescents

  • http://www.brainresourcecenters.com/AboutUS.html Our Team – Brain Resource Center - Brain Resource Center of New York provides behavioral therapy and biofeedback approaches for adults, children and adolescents.
  • http://www.brainresourcecenters.com/assessment_qeeg.html Brain Resource Center - Quantitative EEG (qEEG). Brain Resource Center uses mapping (qEEG, EEG, ERP). Patient data is compared to database for standardized electrical brain function neuropsychological measures
  • http://www.brainresourcecenters.com/ContactUS.html Brain Resource Center: Contact us - Brain Resource Center New York contact information, map, phone number, address, email, study information
  • http://www.brainresourcecenters.com/relevant_research.html Brain Resource Center - Neurofeedback research solves problems by non optimal brain activity. Brain Resource Center participates in research studies with the Institute of Neuropsychology and Cognitive Performance
  • http://www.brainresourcecenters.com/disorder_traumatic.html Brain Resource Center: Traumatic Brain Injury - Brain Resource Center NY treats Traumatic Brain Injury, addressing memory loss, disability, cognitive deficit, postconcussion syndrome (PCS). Our Medical Legal Collaboration can help win a judgment

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  • Manhattan Project - No more paint covered cramped finger

    Why didn't I get one of these sooner? Whenever I'd use a rattle can for a decent length of time, I would inevitably have my finger cramp up which would lead to paint getting on my finger due to poor finger-to-spray nozzle contact, causing paint to dribble down the can and of course give less than ideal coverage. No more! I just used this with some Eastwood Chassis Black primer and paint and was really happy with the results. The Can-Gun fit snugly on the can and made painting at different angles a breeze! Paint coverage was really consistent as squeezing with four of your fingers instead of pushing down with only one makes it so much easier and keeps your hand from tiring out. Plus it's cheap, price-wise, though construction quality seems pretty good, but only time will tell. Honestly, if this thing broke tomorrow, I'd just buy another it's that useful!

  • geoff scripture - Zoom zips

    Great way to communicate. Better than Skype. A little difficult to access if an invitee, but practice will improve that.

  • JJ1103 - An upgrade to make for anyone who owns an old thermometer

    I am one of those people who have an incredibly old thermometer. It's maybe 15 years old? So when I tried this thermometer, the distinctions were clear.

  • Jason S. - Thank you!

    I own a 2016 Subaru WRX base model. The tweeters that come stock are garbage. These are worth every penny. Can't say that enough. If you enjoy listening to music these are a must in a stock system.

  • Johannes - I have no idea if this product is effectivel

    The seller was very helpful with this order and I thank them for that. Normally I buy this direct from supple and will do so again. Does it help your body. I have no idea. Not sure there is a way to determine if it actually works. FIVE STAR FOR THE SELLER.

  • Amazon Customer - So perfect!

    It met my expectations. Totally new and in its box. It was a great gift to give and my niece was very happy to have it!

  • Fishfulthinkr - Really works!

    I started this plan back in January, after seeing Jorge on Anderson Cooper. I couldn't believe he was pretty much stating anyone could lose up to 9lbs in a week! Yah right! So I ordered this book based on the fact that my family and I needed to lose a few. I was stunned to think you could lose that much weight without even really trying, just by cutting sugars and carbs. Even though I never tried Atkins, as a nurse, I had reservations on trying this "diet". I read the book, and like others have said, it doesn't have a lot of info, other than limiting sugar to 5g per meal (15g per day), and carbsto 6 svgs per day. The book is filled with pictures on belly good/bad foods, along with meals of what your meal can look like vs one you order in a restaurant. I liked this feature. I'd rather not be bored to death with reading material, but put to use knowledge I can use in real life, like going to Olive Garden and making an equivalent "belly good" meal at home. After looking through this book, if nothing else, I learned about other products on the market that are healthier and don't spike your glucose, even if you're not diabetic. We can all afford to eat better, regardless of age, weight, disease conditions, etc. I learned of stevia, SoBe water, and Ezekiel products. They're not normally products that I'd buy just by walking by them in the store. So this book at least opened my awareness. I also began looking at food labels more religiously than before. I lost 7lbs the first week alone. It does work!