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Birth Injuries Help| Home - A birth injury can lead to a number of debilitating conditions, including cerebral palsy and Erb’s palsy.

  • http://www.birthinjurieshelp.com/types-of-cerebral-palsy Birth Injuries Help | Types of Cerebral Palsy - Cerebral palsy symptoms may differ depending on the type of the condition affecting your child.
  • http://www.birthinjurieshelp.com/signs-of-cerebral-palsy Birth Injuries Help | Signs of Cerebral Palsy - Children with cerebral palsy may show different symptoms depending on the type of the condition they have.
  • http://www.birthinjurieshelp.com/erbs-palsy Birth Injuries Help | Erbs Palsy - Information about how a brachial plexus injury during delivery could cause your child to develop Erb’s palsy symptoms.
  • http://www.birthinjurieshelp.com/erbs-palsy-symptoms Birth Injuries Help | Erbs Palsy Symptoms - The symptoms of Erb’s palsy may differ depending on the severity of your child’s brachial plexus injury.
  • http://www.birthinjurieshelp.com/brachial-plexus-injury Birth Injuries Help | Brachial Plexus Injury - A brachial plexus injury during labor or delivery could cause your child to experience Erbs palsy symptoms
  • http://www.birthinjurieshelp.com/fetal-distress Birth Injuries Help | Fetal Distress - Failure to recognize the signs of fetal distress during the delivery process could result in serious birth injury.
  • http://www.birthinjurieshelp.com/brain-damage Birth Injuries Help | Brain Damage - Failure to properly monitor a child’s condition can result in brain damage from a birth injury during the delivery process.
  • http://www.birthinjurieshelp.com/birth-injury-lawsuits Birth Injuries Help | Lawsuits - Parents whose children were harmed during the delivery process may wish to consider filing a birth injury lawsuit.
  • http://www.birthinjurieshelp.com/birth-injury-faq Birth Injuries Help | Frequently Asked Questions - Information about the signs and symptoms of a birth injury, such as cerebral palsy or Erb’s palsy.
  • http://www.birthinjurieshelp.com/birth-injury-attorney Birth Injuries Help | Birth Injury Lawyer and Attorney - A birth injury lawyer can assist you in the process of filing a lawsuit if your child was injured.
  • http://www.birthinjurieshelp.com/resources Birth Injuries Help | Resources - Additional information on harmful drugs such as Avandia, AMO Complete, Zyprexa and pain patches

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