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Bezwada Biomedical, LLC - A Drug Device Research Company - Bezwada Biomedical is a innovation driven drug device research company with expertise in absorbable polyurethane, absorbable polymers derived from functionalized natural products, drug molecules and amino acids, adhesion prevention barriers, absorbable drug eluting stent coatings, tissue adhesive and sealant, medical device coatings, drug delivery, drug device combination, absorbable implantable devices and tissue engineering

  • http://www.bezwadabiomedical.com/facilities.htm Bezwada Biomedical - Facilities - Bezwada Biomedical operates in two research, development, and manufacturing facilities located in New Jersey and India
  • http://www.bezwadabiomedical.com/careers.htm Bezwada Biomedical - Careers - At Bezwada Biomedical, we invite you to join our growing team of individuals who make a difference in the biomedical and drug device research field.
  • http://www.bezwadabiomedical.com/corporate_overview.htm Bezwada Biomedical - Corporate Overview - Bezwada Biomedical LLC is an innovation based and technology driven start up company focused on developing a range of novel, biocompatible and absorbable materials for use in next generation medical devices and therapeutic applications.
  • http://www.bezwadabiomedical.com/business_strategy.htm Bezwada Biomedical - Business Strategy - Bezwada Biomedical designs, develops and commercializes novel absorbable polymeric biomaterials and products based on them in close R&D relationships/partnerships with medical device manufacturers and biomaterial based companies.
  • http://www.bezwadabiomedical.com/bioabsorbable-polyurethane-patent.htm Bezwada Biomedical wins 2009 Best of Hillsborough Award - Bezwada Biomedical LLC, a biomaterials company that develops, manufactures and markets innovative proprietary absorbable monomers and polymers for biomedical applications, announced today the issuance of United States Patent

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  • Ibram - Beautiful eyes

    I have dark circles around my eyes I really have no idea why some people say exhaustion or lack of sleep but I should sleep well and I'm not that exhausted anyways I wanted to find a solution to treat and cure these dark spots and this wrinkled areas.

  • Ponyo - great for stress

    I love this tea. I was having chest panic attacks from too much stress and I could feel it numbing my chest after finishing a cup. Sometimes I needed two or three cups but it worked. After doing a few other life style changes and including this tea I was back to normal.

  • A Anderson - Made my face smoother

    I really like it! I bought this and arrived yesterday, I was very excited to try and and tried it last night. I can feel that my face is softer and it feels really good. I didn't feel any irritatation to my skin.. I would love to buy again! I wish to have free of Retinol Cream.

  • Maria - This product has good quality. Just what I wanted -- slim case

    This product has good quality. Just what I wanted -- slim case, folds for reading, and has the pencil holder. The part that holds the ipad is rubber so it's good protection too. Can't ask for more.

  • N. Khurana - Don't love the taste, but it works!!

    Until I started drinking this tea, I had not had a "normal, natural" period in years. I had to induce my period with Rx drugs about every three months or so. Since I started the tea in October 2010 (5-6 months now), I have had THREE natural periods, and have not had to induce even once. That is amazing! I also have a general increase in energy since I started drinking it, and have reduced my coffee intake to just one cup daily because of it.

  • Danielle - Not helpful enough for me

    While I do not feel this supplement helped with my mood swings due to PMDD (which is what I was hoping for) it did make my period less heavy. Generally my period lasts 4 days with one ridiculously heavy day in the middle. The 2 months I took video I had 5 to 6 light/regular days instead. Not sure if it's worth it for me since I'm on a lot of other meds for an autoimmune disease, and I need better results to justify adding yet another pill to the regime. Plus though I didn't find it to be unpleasant I will mention these pills smell like catnip to me. Maybe it's juat an herbal thing as I haven't tried many other herbal supplements in the past?