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Quality Shilajit | Lotus Blooming Herbs - This shilajit is regarded in Ayurveda as the highest grade available. Contact Lotus Blooming Herbs to learn more about the benefits of this Shilajit!

  • http://www.authenticshilajit.com/about-lotus-blooming-herbs.html Pure Shilajit in USA | Himalayan Shilajit | Lotus Blooming Herbs - Lotus Blooming Herbs sources, imports, purifies, and sells pure shilajit from the Himalayas. The only source of real shilajit or shilajeet in USA. Ayurvedic
  • http://www.authenticshilajit.com/himalayan-shilajit-source.html Source - Himalayan Shilajit | Shilajeet from Himalayas | Pure Shilajit - We source Himalayan shilajit from natives in high altitudes of remote Himalaya mountains of India. Pure shilajit is highly prized as Ayurvedic medicine.
  • http://www.authenticshilajit.com/pure-shilajit-resources.html What is Shilajit | Shilajit Studies | Real Shilajit | Pure Shilajeet - What is shilajit and how can it help you? Lotus Blooming Herbs shares shilajit studies about benefits of shilajit and the Ayurvedic properties of shilajeet
  • http://www.authenticshilajit.com/real-shilajit-faq.html Questions about Shilajit Benefits and Uses | Pure Shilajit | Shilajeet - Answers about pure shilajit benefits, shilajit dosage, shilajit safety, and its Ayurvedic properties. Also, information about Himalayan shilajit sources.
  • http://www.authenticshilajit.com/order_now.html Buy Authentic Shilajit | Himalayan Shilajeet | Lotus Blooming Herbs - Buy authentic shilajit (or shilajeet) direct from the Himalayan mountains. This exceptional natural product's Ayurvedic properties deliver benefits you want
  • http://www.authenticshilajit.com/shilajit-reviews.html Himalayan Shilajit Reviews | Benefits of Shilajit | Shilajeet Benefits - Our customers' reviews of Authentic Shilajit show the benefits of shilajit and how Himalayan shilajit is different. Read about pure shilajeet benefits.
  • http://www.authenticshilajit.com/blog.html Blog | Real Shilajit | Buy Shilajit Online | Authentic Shilajit - Visit our blog for tips on shilajit benefits, uses, and Ayurveda principles. Our Authentic Shilajit brand is the only US source of real shilajit.
  • http://www.authenticshilajit.com/contact-shilajit-importer.html Contact Pure Shilajit Importer | Shilajeet | Lotus Blooming Herbs - Contact the only pure shilajit importer and retailer in the USA. Lotus Blooming Herbs offers real Himalayan shilajeet with authentic Ayurvedic benefits.
  • http://www.authenticshilajit.com/shatavari-goddess-herb-ayurveda.html/ Shatavari: Goddess Herb of Ayurveda - Lotus Blooming Herbs - Shatavari is the Goddess herb of Ayurveda. A rejuvenator (rasayana)used as an aid for the reproductive system, digestive system, blood and immunity.
  • http://www.authenticshilajit.com/ashwagandha-blog.html/ Ashwagandha: Mother Natures Workhorse - Lotus Blooming Herbs - Ashwagandha roots used in Ayurvedic medicinal formulas like chyawanprash and mixed with shilajit for sexual potency and fertility.
  • http://www.authenticshilajit.com/amla-berry-natures-nurse.html/ Amla Berry: Natures Nurse - Lotus Blooming Herbs - Amla, known as Natures Nurse in India, is a superfood from Asia that rejuvenates, restores and revitalizes the body. It's packed with Vitamin C!
  • http://www.authenticshilajit.com/panchakarma-detoxify-strengthen-restore.html/ Panchakarma: Detoxify, Strengthen, Restore | Lotus Blooming Herbs - Panchakarma is a cleansing process used by Ayurveda practitioners to rid the mind and body of toxins to enable the body's own healing powers.
  • http://www.authenticshilajit.com/the-best-way-to-take-shilajit.html/ Shilajit Resin: The Best Way To Take It - Lotus Blooming Herbs - Information about how to take shilajit resin. Benefits of dissolving shilajit in hot water according to Ayurveda. Does heat destroy medicinal value? 
  • http://www.authenticshilajit.com/shilajit-dosage-recommendations.html/ Shilajit Dosage Recommendations | How to Take Shilajit - Like most things, shilajit dosage is personal and depends on how your body reacts with this Ayurvedic medicine. Here is a guideline for how to take shilajit
  • http://www.authenticshilajit.com/privacy-policy.html Privacy Policy | Authentic Shilajit | Lotus Blooming Herbs, LLC - We have developed this Privacy Policy in order for you to understand how Lotus Blooming Herbs collects, uses, and discloses personal information you share.

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