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سوله | جرثقيل | استراکچر | اروين ساخت سپنتا - درباره ما تولیدکننده سوله، جرثقیل، استراکچر، سازه فضایی و سیلو

Country:, Asia, IR

City: 48.8763 Ostan-e Hamadan, Iran

  • Denali - Does the job, makes it easy

    I downloaded the software and did my taxes in less than an hour. Our taxes are pretty simple: pensions, social security, IRA withdrawals, two residences, no big medical bills. Since the app imported last year's return, there was virtually no data entry other than the numbers from our 1099s and tax bills. Well worth the $9.99 I paid for it.

  • Mommy2Boys - Read between the lines

    when it says packaging may vary, it could be 480, could be only 48 plates. Don't know what to expect!

  • CHUCKFM - Seems to work well

    I have experimented with the "off-brand", lower cost, even free apps as well as some of the more costly "name brand" products with varied results. Some were "you got what you paid for", many of them blocked known, clean websites, (even my internals) and let some nefarious ons through. Some were memory/cpu hogs rendering your computer pretty much useless to do anything but check for malware. (more on this later)