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  • I bought this game and it isn't downloading what a waist of money:(:(:( - tribute2

    This game is an absolutely amzing because you get to hunt many sorts of animals not jest feeds .anyways you should really get this game .signed tribute 2

  • Morty - Saved me physically and emotionally!

    I was told it would take 16 to 20 weeks to heal a bone in my foot. So I grabbed a pair of crutches and started the healing process. The gravity of how limited my activities were hit me very hard that day. Two weeks went by and I couldn't have been more miserable emotionally and physically. I needed to be a mother to four children still. With my husband away four or five days every week I was unable to do most simple things. I bought a knee scooter off of many recommendations form people. I could accomplish much more and get around much easier. However, it was still very difficult to do most things. Because my hands were busy driving it!!. How was I to get the milk to the counter? Or the pot of cooked noodles to dump in the strainer in the sink? So, I got on the computer to search out options and found this iwalk product. I ordered it immediately. It only took a minute to get my balance on it. Then I started doing everything again. I have been able to go on walks, go up and down stairs (this took some getting used to...I go down sideways) yesterday, I shoveled a couple inches of snow. The only thing I would change is the padding. Maybe they don't plan on someone using it for 20 weeks, but it packed out. So, I pulled it up and inserted some foam under the padding in to keep it comfortable. I can go sit down and take it off and set it next to me in class or a restaurant. Then I stand up strap it on and walk !!!!!

  • Dana Brigham - Basic, look good -- very good deal.

    Very simple replacement wheel covers. They do not have the Toyota symbol in the middle, and the color is a little more silvery than my van -- but the price of a set of four of these was less than one true Toyota replacement wheel cover. They are lighter than the original wheel covers, but they do have a metal tension ring that so far holds them firmly onto the wheels.

  • bodyworkbydesign - Works as well as my D.D.S.

    If I leave it in as long as they say, my teeth become sensitive. I leave in for 15 minutes and my teeth are white, but not overly sensitive.

  • olesya gordeyeva - plus they still get dirty no matter

    the spray doesn't even work! it just gives you a crusty layer of white on your white shoes. and it is harder to put your shoes on. plus they still get dirty no matter what

  • alney b. rhoades - Understand the decline of White American

    This is a very important book for me. The subject is what is happening within white America. The book shows through easy to read charts

  • JustMe - Love the spiral

    I need this book for my medical coding and billing class came just as described, fast shipping. Brand new love the spiral comes in handy easy to flip