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  • Robokeith - STILL without power after Hurricane Sandy and this generator is saving the day!

    I saw the news reports about Hurricane Sandy coming and I One-Clicked this generator. We were without power for a week last year at this time due to a freak storm and I didn't want to suffer again. This generator is performing beautifully. I changed the oil after the first few tanks of gas and changed it again just now. After 6 days of constant running - getting me an incredible 18 - 20 hours of use powering a big fridge, Xbox and small TV for the kids, a couple lights, wireless router and a couple laptops - it has been flawless. Pretty quiet, inexpensive, seems to be nicely made and its keeping me . I love this thing!

  • tyler - Check your expectations

    PlayStation VR is an awesome accessory for the PS4 and makes me excited for the future of gaming. The reason why I say check your expectations is that your not going to get the big time AAA experiences or games like witches 3 or uncharted for VR. Your still going to primarily be playing using a tv. If your excited about VR and own a playstation, this is definitely worth the money.

  • Jennifer Nf Cowherd - Not right for fine hair

    My salon carries this product and my stylist insisted that it was perfect for my hair. I have medium length, fairly straight, fine hair, but a lot of hair at the same time, so finding products that work with my hair is actually really difficult. Because of the fineness, I needs something that helps with volume, but at the same time, it has to be gentle so that it doesn't strip my hair of moisture. This product is super gentle and it's great for color treated hair, it really helps to reduce fading, but it is way to heavy for my hair. I'm not surprised that the rave reviews are coming from people with thick, curly hair, it totally makes sense that this would work for them. I use a pea sized amount as you don't need to use a lot to clean the hair, but somehow it always feels like I dumped a ton of conditioner on the crown of my head without rinsing when I get out of the shower. I absolutely love the conditioner that goes with this shampoo, it is truly great on it's own, but I can only condition the very ends of my hair or else I wind up looking like I haven't conditioned in days. I'm not sure why my stylist thinks this is the right shampoo for me, but I highly caution people with fine or medium to light weight hair to go a different route. If you have thick hair and want a luxurious shampoo that won't strip your color, give this a try, but use a very small amount until you find the right amount for your hair.

  • R. SMITH - Great Product

    I've been using threelac now for about a month. This product really works I have more enegry,I feel happier,and it really seems to have made my mind seem less clouder(confused). I've noticed a change in my bowel movements there more frequent with less strain sorry so detailed but it's true, and I really don't crave sugar the way I used to. I actually crave more healthier foods. This is a great product. I feel I will forever be a consumer of this product. This product actually changes the pH of your body. I took this product with oxygen element also which is said to give more oxygen to cells to help produce healthier cell growth. I hope this will help you! Because it sure helped me! Good luck.

  • da Bilsta - Good

    I reckon u should read this simplistic book if u are a young female reader. It is fine, but not fabulous, good but not great, and (a tiny bit) boring, and not brilliant. I'm sorry I couldn't say more.