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  • Jane S. - This diffuser is wonderful - It looks beautiful and has a great finish ...

    This diffuser is wonderful - It looks beautiful and has a great finish to it. It would make a really nice gift & I would definitely recommend it. Most diffusers just look boring, like a plastic box or sphere of some sort - Not this one. It's beautiful, and looks like a vase. Very elegant. Also, the diffuser is very large and works just as expected. Love the features and love that it holds 400 mLs. Very happy with the product that I received at a discounted price for my honest and unbiased review.

  • Edward Wieczorek - Old Coke that went flat.

    Some of the original wow factor does not come across with this one. The are no characters worthy of the original except for the ghosts. Good for kids that would scare easily as there are no real scary moments..

  • Alix V - Works for me

    I'm a huge fan of joe and heard him talk about it on his pod cast a few times. Figured I would try it out and I'm pleasantly surprised. Even though I'm a fan I still am writing an honest review. With that being said unlike most people my dreams don't improve but my thinking process is a bit sharper like after having a cup of coffe when the rush fades and you think clear. Best way I could explain it.

  • Kage - Great TV

    The largest negative review I saw related to this TV (outside of DoA, which happens with all electronics) was that people did not like the remote. I found the remote just fine to be honest. It much different than remotes of the past with hundreds of buttons. This one takes a simplistic approach, similar to what you might find for Apple TV. Just fine by my standards.