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Dr. Stewart Kaplan, Long Island Allergy & Asthma, Eczema, Hayfever, Food Allergy, Animal Allergy, - The allergy medical offices of Dr. Stewart Kaplan are dedicated to the treatment of allergies and asthma. Dr. Kaplan is a specialist who treats adult allergies, adult asthma, pediatric allergies, and pediatric asthma. All related allergic disorders and conditions are treated as well.

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  • Steve - The BEST Latin Blend of Coffee

    I am a coffee freak. Used to work for a Coffee Company. I have tasted hundreds, if not thousands of coffees from around the world. I tend to like the Earthiness of Indonesian and African blends and stay away from the acidity (sour) of the Latin blends. However, this coffee has just enough acidity and a full flavor. It was designed specifically for the Five Star restaurant, Canlis, in Seattle so that they would have one coffee for large events in the brewer, French Press at the table and also for espresso drinks. It only comes out once a year. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

  • D. Carson - Zoobooks

    No the price at Amazon is the same as at the Zoobooks site, $29.95. It's true you don't get the poster and stickers but I like the convenience of ordering via Amazon and renewals are a snap.

  • D. H. - It took over my computer

    I didn't like this Avira security software at all. It took over my computer, and changed my homepage even after I chose for it not to. It slowed down my computer, and locked up a few of my other programs. Especially my photo and video editing programs. This software is good for 3 computers, but I'm so glad I didn't put it on any of my other computers. I run Windows XP, and it kept giving me error messages. I think this is the worst anti virus software I have ever used. I went back to Norton.

  • Amazon Customer - Dates wrong???

    I LOVE the format BUT ... (please correct me if I am mistaken) am relunctant to make the purchase as the calender appears to be wrong - It looks like the first of January 2016 is a Monday (when I am pretty sure it is a Friday) and in addition it is missing 29th of February (again I'm pretty sure 2016 is a leap year). I would be really interested if these issures were corrected???

  • P. H. Carden - A continuation of a string of bestsellers!

    Having owned each version of Visual Studio since VS2002, I can confidently say each version has improved on the previous and vs2012 is no exception. Full support for NuGet and MVC4 made this a justifiable expense. The themed interface is nice, too!