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Al Jothen Company | Salon & Beauty Supply - Welcome to Al Jothen Company official website. Since 25 Years we are the market leaders in Professional Salon Beauty products, Furniture and Equipment Supply in Kuwait. We also provide Equipment and Furniture to Beauty Clinics along with Specialized Beauty Medical equipment and products.

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  • M. Feldman - this is wonderful

    I saw 2 children playing with this on the Katie show and decided it was something my granddaughters aged 7 and 9 might like. i was right. they loved it

  • Ginnie Springs Outdoors - Four Stars

    So far so good. I will update my review after a few weeks of use. **Update** I rent these balls out at our park and they have held up very well against other brands. People also seem very excited to get a "Wilson" ball so, they take better care of it.

  • Chinkasu - Best product ever

    I've been using this since my daughter was 8 weeks old. I immediately noticed an increase because I pump as well as nurse. I was without this for 2 days because I ran out and supply decreased significantly. Never going to stop using his again. Best product ever. A lifesaver.

  • SerenSalon - Horrible instructions

    The user manual that came with the printer was probably an online translation of Chinese to English so you could not understand what they meant AT ALL. I tried to find online support to figure out how to install and setup this printer and could find NOTHING since there is no name brand or anything.. I figured it out on my own by process of elimination... took forever. I would Not recommend buying this printer unless you know someone that is computer savy to help with the post installation setup. Now that I have it installed and setup the printer prints clearly and quickly and is not noisy.

  • Hazbeen Rocker - Exciting Recap of the Ending of St. Louis Baseball Season

    This DVD was made very well. It captures all of the excitement of the Cardinals wide ride to becoming World Champions! I recommend it!

  • james w. - if anything it makes you feel worse, don't buy into it

    This stuff doesn't do anything, if anything it makes you feel worse, don't buy into it. I used this stuff for a month, all it did was bind you up and put weight on, I think that most of the comments on this stuff come from people selling it. My friend who was selling it asked me to give it a try. I did the three month thing where they automatically ship you a new one. I got my second container before I could cancel my credit card, but there will not be a third automatic shipment. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!