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  • Stephen - There is good chemistry through out the cast

    Crime is all over the islands and Hawaii 5-0 is on the job and up to the task. Stories are unique and interesting. There is good chemistry through out the cast. We don't hear too many "book em' Dano" in the show. I miss that phrase from the original 5-0 TV show. The beautiful Hawaii Scenery can be breath taking. I have all five seasons. Don't be left out.

  • Hugo Landeros - I bought it without discount

    Shoes are very cool not like last nike flex run models, very light and it looks great, the only thing I can complain is about price. I bought it without discount ($79.99USD) few days later are $59.99 U.U

  • Carol - Perfect Black

    I love the finishing look. It's very black and that is hard to find and just what I was looking for. I just did it yesterday so I don't know how fast it'll fade yet. But unfortunately for me, all dyes fade from my hair rather quickly. I took a star off for a few reasons. 1. The gloves are too large and I couldn't use them. 2. I didn't like the consistency when mixed together. It was quite liquidy and made it difficult to apply without dripping, but once I rubbed it into my hair it seemed to absorb into it and not drip. 3. It does not come with a conditioner.

  • Chayla L. - Little to no soreness

    This is perfect for after an intense workout when I know I need muscle repair. I have my bf take these instead of his creatine and he has no more stinky creatine poots. Sorry if tmi but I love how natural and beneficial this is. Hardly any soreness the next day! It's worth the full water belly to take 5 tablets at a time.

  • dimitris - it is ok i guess

    it gets repetive t times.good story in general but inconsistent in alot of ways like it is supposed to be in the future but many of the technology they use are ancient in this universe which is 200 yera from now. further than that it is quit enjoyable wexpirience thwe story is good but i think it could hve been better if there was more interactions with aliens since they have faster than light travel and advanced technologies

  • Bradley McEntee - This product didn't work for me. I let it ...

    This product didn't work for me. I let it sit to dry for 4 days, but 2 weeks later when I pulled the tiles up to fix them the stuff was still wet. I wiped it off with a wet paper towel no problem.