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  • jeryl - A wonderful tool

    A MUST for anyone who has an animal with fur! A little bit of caution is required when using this. You could easily "brush" too hard & scratch your animal. I'm surprised at how much fur comes off without much effort.

  • Charlene - Could never find a good comb attachment in the beauty supply store

    This is what I have been needing for such a long time. Could never find a good comb attachment in the beauty supply store. Works great. Very sturdy. Gets the job done fast!

  • grammymoody - Like the low acid of this coffee

    I had tried the coffee before. I drink it because of the no acid. I have reflux very badly and this coffee doesn't bother my reflux. I do not care for the taste especially, it taste like any instant coffee, but I drink it for the caffeine and that morning coffee "fix"... very expensive... with the shipping cost, 40.00 for 30 cups of coffee!

  • Allen M. - Don't buy you will be disappointed. Slightly attractive once on

    Small enough for a kiddies little red wagon. No directions for instillation. Priced beyond belief. The size of each piece will fit into the hand span of a quarterback for the NBA, Don't buy you will be disappointed. Slightly attractive once on. Hope it protects whatever it is designed to do.

  • clynch - It really works

    I started using ROC products a few years ago. I purchased them from the department store or online with other suppliers. I couldn't believe how much more affordable these products are at Amazon. I started seeing real results within a couple of weeks, and after 6 weeks there really was a noticeable difference. I'm 65 years old and have tried the most expensive to the least, and this product line is the one I highly recommend.

  • cbsnightingale - funny to read

    i was able to get this and read through it and there are some interesting recipes in there to try. hope to be able to get more recipes.

  • Tricia Finney - Shout out to my favorite Author

    I was on edge the whole time and wanting more like always Bella never fails me of this but she certainly got me with that twist in the end where a certain person ended up bad and oh how I wanted nothing more to have read where Violet and Viggo would have ended up had they not been interrupted I love love story twist leaving you wanting more!!! I'm certainly ready for more thank you Bella Forrest again for this wonderful ness of reading you have given me!!!!