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About Face Boutique--  Luxurious Skin & Body Treatments - Welcome to our online skin and body care emporium. The About Face Boutique is located inside of the Palm Harbor Plastic Surgery Centre.

  • http://www.aboutfaceboutique.com/contact.htm About Face Boutique  |  Contact Us - The About Face Boutique is located inside the Palm Harbor Plastic Surgery Centre. We are a full service skin and body care medi-spa.

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  • Daniel Grayson - Think twice before you upgrade from FTM 2010

    I have been using Family Tree Maker (FTM) for many years and recently upgraded from FTM 2010 to 2011. The install was simple, however, I lost all the profile photos that I had linked to specific individuals in my existing tree when the file imported. In addition, the merge function in the program that allows you to import files from Ancensty.com is not functional. So far support has not been helpful so I am reverting back to FTM 2010.

  • Robert Baver - DeLorme Street Atlas 2012

    I use a name that I know & trust. DeLorme is a reputable company with reliable information & when I'm in Yarmouth, Me I always visit their store. It is both an informative & a "fun" place to visit. The staff is cordial & knowledgeable.

  • D. Fugett - Very helpful product

    My wife depends on this product. She has chronic illnesses that cause frequent episodes of bladder spasms and lower abdominal and lower back pain. She talked to her Doctor about this med and he said she could use it daily if she needs to. Since going on this med she has been able to reduce her narcotic pain med substantially. The only problem is that it turns the urine orange. If the orange urine gets on the toilet seat or on clothing it can stain. My wife says it is worth that problem because it works so well to reduce her pain. She has found ways to reduce the staining such as wearing pads. Hope this helps someone. Make sure you talk to your doctor before using this med on a daily basis as the directions recommend short term use.

  • ashley C - Smooth feet at home!

    This works wonderfully! I used it on my feet which are always tough and it gave me that just got a pedicure feel all from home. It was easy to install the batteries and use. I would purchase for gift sets. This is a wonderful product and works VERY well!

  • gail hansey - Great but...

    This game is the greatest thing ever since ultimate shark sim but could you improve gazzels run speed and same with the hyenas speed too because I can't even catch a stork without losing it...😞 But could you make Ultimate snake, Bird, deer, fish, eagle, and ultimate bear sim? IT WOULD BE ABSOLUTELY BOSS IF YOU DID!🐍🐦🐃🐠🐥 P.S. I had to use a buffalo for a deer mojie and a bird mojie for a eagle 😝

  • AJ Teg - Hours of entertainment!

    This was a gift for my 9y/o niece. It was hilarious watching her and the other kids dance along. The most fun is in party master mode. I just wish there were more than just 5 songs to choose from in this mode...