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  • George F. Hawkins - installed easily, works as designed without problems

    Arrived promptly, installed easily, works as designed without problems. I am perfectly happy, and it was much cheaper (half?) than the dealer wanted.

  • Amanda Knotts - So glad I went with Sole

    This treadmill is exactly what I wanted. I debated between this and the F80 for months. I did a ton of research and ultimately decided that they were extremely similar except for the deck size and a few other features I wouldn't use anyway. This is the best SOLID treadmill you can get for the money. Doesn't feel like some cheap thing you'd use at a hotel somewhere. Near gym quality other than a slightly smaller belt than the massive ones at the gym. I bought at Dick's Sporting Goods, and the customer service was not so great--but the treadmill is one of the best investments I've ever made in myself.

  • Luis Cypher - Great Diet Supplement

    The B4 Fat Burner pills really work. They give a good boost of energy before a workout. This product does have caffeine and other ingredients that make you more alert so don't take it after 5 pm or you will be up until 2 am. Especially if you just started taking them and your body has not built up any tolerance yet.

  • Idongesit Emah - Works like magic

    Many thanks to Amazon. I'm now wondering if I still have these mysterious cockroaches around in my kitchen and my cars because I don't see them around anymore for the past 1 month. These mysterious bugs seemed to be resistant to all insecticides known to me. The magic gel came in and it was as if a cat came into a house invaded by rats, all the rats disappear dead or alive. But I'm at the same time wondering why this gel doesn't kill ants. The dead roaches attract ants which I didn't bother myself initially thinking they will eventually die off too, but I later realized they don't. However, I don't consider it a big challenge as 1 good spray of insecticide kills all of them. I recommend it to anyone having these mysterious bugs in his car or home