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  • preston clarke - BEST 20$ EVER SPENT!!!!!

    Let me start out by saying that I won't drink like a degenerate without these again. I had a trial run the first night with these bad boys and got blind drunk with some slum dogs i like to call my friends. I drank a whole bottle of hot stuff (cheap fireball), a lot of beer (like 13.5), a few vodka shots, some dirty tequila and red wine on only 6 hours of sleep. Now normally if i do this, i'd wake up feeling like a boiled turd while worshiping the porcelain gods and am only able to eat about as much as a naked mole rat. I end up out of commission for the whole next day but....... with these bad boys made from what I'm assuming is the blood of the lord christ jesus himself I woke up like a 80's rockstar!! I was able to drive and get me and all my road dogs breakfast burritos. I had no problem filling my cheese burger locker and heck i even finished my buddies burrito that he couldn't! Do your self a favor if you're over 24 years old and like to get inebriated like my self, then I would invest a good old Andrew Jackson (Harriet Tubman now) because these work!

  • dleonard - Lightweight and perfect

    I received this bag as a Christmas gift and it far exceeded my expectations. I had never seen it in person, but the bag was very light and had more pockets than I know what to do with. The stand system functionality is hidden within the bag and took me a minute to figure out, but it seems like it works very well. Overall the quality is great and I know I'll have this bag around for a long time.

  • Mama of 4Littles - Seem to help

    It's hard to know if the probiotic drops are helping, or if my 4 month old baby's digestive system is finally maturing, but I think I can claim a decent improvement in her gassiness since starting to use these probiotic drops.

  • Cassie - Baby bottom slip resistant!

    I love this bath mat it suction cups firmly in place and has a terrific no slip surface. I have a eight month old baby that can not sit still now that he's learned to crawl. Putting him in his bathtub even though it's aged till toddler is a nightmare he spends the entire time trying to climb out. I have a really deep tub but it was way to slippery for him. I added this to my tub and we're back to bath time fun. This mat allows him to sit and play in the tub without slipping and falling all over when he moves. He absolutely loves being in the bigger bath and having room to move. Even dads happy cause he no longer slips in the shower on all the oils I use. I'm so happy with this bath mat its making my life so much easier. It comes at a fantastic price and even included a nice body luffa to wash with! Definitely a great purchase.

  • A. Jones - Sexy Curls

    This iron heats up fast and works on my super thick/hard to style hair. I was a bit clumsy with it at first when trying to get used to twirling my hair around the wand, but you get the hang of it after a few minutes.

  • HorrorFan66 - cheap, and more could have been put in to it :(

    the look and artistic design looks rushed and it seems not much thought went into it. ok so the first thing is, the board its self. the design is aged, but to a degree where you cant see the lettering and what not on the board very well. Also, the board itself is very, very flimsy. its like the slimmest piece of cardboard ever!.

  • CrewCut - Works as described

    I bought this for my wife, who experiences arthritis pain in her hand,neck and hips. She said it was amazing how quickly it eases the pain and stiffness. Hope it works as well for you, but, with the guarantee, buy with confidence.