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  • B Walker - So far, so good

    The hot flashes, insomnia, and mood swings associated with menopause were really taking their toll on me. I was miserable, but was very hesitant to start hormone replacement therapy due to the side effect risks. Decided to try a more natural approach and ordered this cream. It took a couple of weeks of constant, 2 applications a day as per the instructions, but I did begin to see some relief. I paired this with another herbal supplement that contains Soy, Black Cohosh and calcium, so I'm not sure which helped the most, but the combination of the two did the trick for me. I'm sleeping much better, which is helping with my mood through out the day. I would recommend trying this product before resorting to a more chemically based product

  • Gadget_gurl411 - Adobe CC...not so much

    I downloaded this once to give it go...but I really feel like I was being cheated with the whole rent for life subscription...honestly if your looking at doing photo editing I would giving affinity photo a try if you have Mac it's only 50 bucks.

  • jaws48 - Reviews are more entertaining and truthful than the book!

    Looked through the book preview...boring and full of BS. That said, however, the reviews are the best entertainment I've had in days! Amazon customers are the best. Sorry Amazon management sees fit to delete some of their customers' best work!

  • Jewels - ... it would let you play it it would be great. But

    If it would let you play it it would be great. But, "you are out of lives, buy lives;" " You don't have enough points, play more to earn more points". Oh know! I can't play to earn more points cause I don't have lives and I don't have enough points to buy them. I threw it off my Kindle. I want a game that I can play. Am I willing to buy things to play, minimally. Not a lot. Just let me play.

  • ShayShay - Low dose

    I will give this 4 stars, however I am switching to a different product to treat my pcos. I just realized that this is only about 10% of the daily dosage recommended for pcos. I will say, I loved the easy packets, there was hardly any taste, and if the dosage was high enough, I wouldn't be switching.