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Feminine Health Care - Over the Counter Products - VH Essentials - Finding the right balance isn’t easy when it comes to feminine health – vH essentials can help. Our products help with itch, irritation, odor, pH and PMS.

  • http://vhessentials.com/truth/ Truth Be Told - VH Essentials - vH essentials over-the-counter products give you the power to deal with feminine health issues and feel confident again. vH essentials helps your body realign and regain a healthy balance.
  • http://vhessentials.com/mission/ Mission - VH Essentials - vH essentials is a unique family of products that help women conquer the embarrassment, anxiety, and emotional distress caused by common feminine health issues.
  • http://vhessentials.com/products/vaginal-odor-treatment/ Vaginal Odor Treatment - VH Essentials - vH essentials® Homeopathic Vaginal Odor Treatment pH balanced vaginal inserts tackle the problem of vaginal odor at the source to eliminate odor.
  • http://vhessentials.com/products/probiotics-with-prebiotics-cranberry-feminine-health-dietary-supplement/ Probiotics with Prebiotics & Cranberry - VH Essentials - vH essentials® Probiotics with Prebiotics & Cranberry Feminine Health Dietary Supplement naturally supports both feminine tract and urinary tract health.
  • http://vhessentials.com/products/advanced-sensitive-medicated-cream/ Sensitive Medicated Cream - VH Essentials - pH balanced vH essentials® Advanced Sensitive Medicated Cream with vitamin E & vH odor blocking technology gently soothes itching, burning, and irritation of inflamed and delicate external vaginal area.
  • http://vhessentials.com/products/pms-relief-day-time/ PMS DAYTIME SYMPTOM RELIEF - VH Essentials - Developed under the guidance of Judith J. Wurtman, PhD, vH essentials PMS Daytime Symptom Relief is a natural, clinically tested way to control cravings and improve your mood.
  • http://vhessentials.com/products/pms-relief-night-time/ PMS Relief - Night Time - VH Essentials - Developed under the guidance of Judith J. Wurtman, PhD, vH essentials PMS Nighttime Sleep Formula is a natural, clinically tested way to get to sleep and stay sleeping.
  • http://vhessentials.com/where-to-buy/ Where To Buy - VH Essentials - Conquer vaginal odor and PMS with help from vH essentials feminine health products — found at many retail locations and drug stores.

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  • Amazon Customer - Absolutely unimpressed!!!

    Now I bought this for my three year old son with the hope that I would move him away from using my phone and focus on something that is educational.( Background note, my son has been using the computer since he was 1 1/2 years so he knows his way around technology.)

  • Amazon Customer - This floss is very effective especially in light of the ...

    This floss is very effective especially in light of the health benefits of the coconut. The only draw back is the cost.

  • Mopsy - I love this. product

    No one has mentioned how this product works.wonders on scuffed up porcelain sinks and tubs. If you put a stainless steel pot in a white porcelain sink you will find gray scratch marks in your sink that don't wash away. But if you use scour off it cleans it right up. Take a little paste on your finger and rub it on the damp area then rinse. Voila! The mark is gone! I also use it on my white corningear and on scuff marks on walls. I love this.product. I feel good about letting my kids help clean too because it is all natural and non toxic! It smell.fresh and works.great! It also lasts a very long time. Like over a year! It is priced kind high but worth every penny. Tell a cleaning lady about this product! She will thank you!

  • Maureen - Spirit

    This book begins when Julia Padden discovers that her neighbor has been stealing her morning paper, and Cain Maddox is caught with the paper in his hand. He seems to be a real curmudgeon and really isn’t very friendly, thus when she relates all that has happened to her friend, an idea is formed to help her land her dream job, by promoting a Christmas spirit of kindness.

  • Douglas Stephan - No major improvements; several annoyances

    I'm only a few days into this but so far I rate it as average. The good news is that there aren't a lot of new features to learn which begs the question; why the upgrade? (we all know the answer to that). I had some problems installing and configuring the payroll module because I still had a previous version of assisted payroll installed (but inactive) before I upgraded. Eventually I got it working some how without having to contact Intuits support group. The awful gray on black color scheme that people are complaining about (and it is pretty bad) seems to be confined to the toolbar only; most of the other forms look pretty similar to the old version. The navigation seems a bit worse than the old version. Bottom line; if it wasn't for the forced obsolescence I'd be using the old version.

  • DVD Techie - I feel ripped off no BLU RAY Playback and no tech support

    This software is utter bloatware. I want to return it. If anyone knows how please let me know. I would keep it if it could play back normal Blu Ray movies, and it claims IT DOES in the pro 2012 version (that I was just ripped off on). I will call amazon.com to complain soon, not feeling to great today.