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  • A. Preiss - none existent customer service, you'll need a friend with some advanced computer skills

    Originally had 2010 version of this program which I had set up for an automatic back to a 3rd system hard drive. I ran in the background flawlessly, literally for years. Until the other day when I needed to recover an old image from and old laptop that I had backed with Acronis years ago. Found out then that my version had expired. No problem I thought, I'd liked the program and don't mind upgrading. That's when I began to hate Acronis. Turns out the 2010 version is particularly difficult to uninstall. Took me about two days because Acronis doesn't have an 800 number, or tech support chat, or really any customer service at all unless you're buying something. All there is, a customer forum where I finally found a solution. In this day and age I expect software to be able to uninstall older versions, I think that's a reasonable expectation. And not to have to perform an exhaustive google search.

  • Stephen Ornelas - Love it!

    Ordered this case after I ordered my iPhone and it still arrived first lol. Its a great case for the price! I have recommended it to others and will continue to do the same. its a very well built case and is a great option for people that don't want a bulky case. I did not receive any discounts for purchasing this product for any review.

  • Debbie Gomez - Love it

    My hair used to fall out in bunches. After the first use, I saw a noticable difference in the amount of hair loss.