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  • Floyd r guerin jr - Best aftermarket screen/digitizer I've used

    This is as good if not better than pretty much any other aftermarket replacement screen/digitizer that I have ever used, and I have replaced about a dozen over the years. Fit and quality were very much the same as the OEM screen. Resolution may not be quite up to snuff compared to Apples', but most would be hard-pressed to see/tell the difference IMO. The tempered glass screen protector and quality tools (best I've seen from any aftermarket screen supplier) were a nice bonus making this an exceptional value. Was able to get free same-day delivery with Amazon Prime, which was great. Had my phone repaired within 8 hours of breaking it. Only time will tell how long this screen will hold up, but so far very impressed and would absolutely buy more from this vendor.

  • Lloyd Vandenberg - Good product, most bugs gone

    After the initial frustration of having to purchase a 64 bit act! to comply with the Windows 7 64 bit operating system I am enjoying the increased speed this software has over earlier versions. I am having difficulty with my outlook address book as the Act! software dislodged my contacts from Outlook 2003 and I haven't been able to retrieve them into the software as of yet. Overall seems to be a good product! I'm sure a solution to the address book is around the corner.

  • Sasha C. - Excellent Sinus Relief

    This stuff changed my life! I used to have frequent sinus infections because my mucus was always so thick and it was hard to get decongested. Now I feel so much better and it even helped me when I was home in Alabama. I used to have even worse allergy/sinus issues there but with D-Hist, it was a breeze. I bought 3 more bottles after the first one ran out. i will be buying more in the future. It's like I have new (better) sinuses. So glad I tried it.