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  • twin - Nonsense!

    I almost bought this aboard a cruise line but had enough common sense not to get the entire line for a year and a half. However, when I got home I decided to buy one bottle of the Elemis Deep Drainage. What a joke on me! I wish someone had told me about the product and how it is pushed on every cruise line! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  • Chloe Bird - Good Product, Great Price!

    I am a lip gloss junky; I will try anything so I have found a lot of duds! However, I love a product! It is super shiny, with just a tint of color (the gold looks great over lip stain, but alone is a little Ziggy Stardust, however, the pink looks great over a stain or alone) While it is shiny, it is not sticky like a lot of glosses or plumpers. This product also lacks the funny smell and taste that a lot of plumpers and glosses have. Now, the burn is a factor here-- it starts a few seconds after application and offers a sting-- but it is not as bad as some I have tried. The plump is also not a great as some other I have tried, but the plumping is visible and last for a while. Over I love it as a gloss and it is a passable plumper (hence the 4 stars, instead of 5). I will buy the product again as the price is great and the shipping was very fast.

  • Arve Kvaloey - Interesting start

    A quick read and exiting, as long as it is read as a high not historical fantasy. I struggeled in the beginning with a "roman" army using sergeant, lieutentant and captain, instead of the proper roman officers rank, but then i discovered elfs and dwarfes and paladins as well...

  • Pearla A. Givens - PRODUCT SUCKS!!

    The Rustoleum NeverWet product is absolutely HORRIBLE! It repels water for a short amount of time but the worst part is, it turns anything dark in color to a white, ugly color. And you can just rub the product right off of the surface because of how coarse the coating feels once it dries. We used the product exactly how the instructions read to do and I am so very unimpressed with this product! A HUGE surprise considering it is a Rustoleum product! :(

  • Juliana Calil Ramos Starling - A very good book.

    The book is very interesting. It's clear that the author did indepth research on the topic and added special revelation he received first hand from God. His description of symbols and rituals used by occultism is also very informative. In overall it's a great book. My only criticism is that I wish he had stated more clearly what he thinks will take place until the end of the year. He does suggest it but I felt a little frustrated because I had expected a more well delineated revelation.

  • restorationgirl - GREAT PRODUCT - let the wind and rain do the 'scrubbing' for you!

    Go online for directions from Wet and Forget. (Do NOT apply on windy day, in direct sunlight / high noon - I wait until evening.)

  • Milo Catterson - Best valve oil in my opinion!

    I have used this valve oil for 35+ yrs. and would highly recommend it to a friend or student. The price is also lower than the music store prices.