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Turning Green - A global student-led movement devoted to cultivating a healthy, just and thriving planet through education around environmentally sustainable choices.

  • http://turninggreen.org/about/ About - Turning Green - We aim to touch lives, shift mindsets, and equip students with knowledge, resources and mentorship to transition from conventional to conscious.
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  • http://turninggreen.org/leadership/ Leadership - Turning Green - Turning Green mobilizes youth to become active around issues that directly impact personal and environmental health.
  • http://turninggreen.org/resources/ Resources - Turning Green - We believe that living a socially responsible and environmentally friendly lifestyle should be simple.
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  • Amazon Customer - and that has been wonderful. Likewise with the joint aches and pains

    I have been taking the 1300mg for a little over a month now. (Apparently the 1300mg is no longer available so I've just ordered the 1500mg.) I have mild (some days not so mild) diabetic neuropathy, and, as I approach late 50s, find that I have many more joint aches and pains. I am always skeptical/cautious about supplements and the touted benefits, but decided to give this a try based on a suggestion from a friend. About 2 weeks after I started taking this product I noticed a significant decrease in the neuropathy "pins & needles" in my feet and legs. Actually, I have not experience any "pins & needles" symptoms at all for the last couple weeks, and that has been wonderful. Likewise with the joint aches and pains, they have been reduced considerably. Overall I just feel better, fewer aches/pains, more alert, more energy. Maybe it's all in my head ... or maybe it really works! Either way, I plan to keep taking this for a while as I am enjoying the benefits!

  • Julia Libbers - Awesome- got for only $29.00 with coupon code.

    Use coupon code "Keren9" to get 90% off on the Smile Sciences website so the whole teeth whitening kit is only $29.00!!!

  • Gypsy82 - Artificial Sweetener Overload

    I have tried the Cake Batter and Vanilla flavor. The Cake Batter is unbearable in my opinion. It is way too sweet that it almost makes me sick after I drink it. I feel like any benefit I could get from the ingredients is cancelled out by the sweetness. Even though I didn't like the Cake Batter I thought I would give it another try with the Vanilla. It is also sweet but not as bad as the Cake Batter. However, after drinking both shakes I noticed a difference in how I felt and it wasn't good. It made me tired and after about only 30 minutes I felt like I was coming off of a sugar high. It also did nothing to curb hunger. You wouldn't drink a diet coke every day if you are trying to be healthy, right? This almost makes me feel like I am. I just think of all that artificial sweetener going into my body and making me sick. That is enough for me to not want to drink this stuff.

  • Amazon Customer - A True Lifesaver - Reversed Hair Loss!

    I bought both Natrol Biotin 10,000 mcg and Nature Made Super B Complex Tablets at the advice of my mother. When her hair began thinning due to age, her doctor had recommended Biotin and Vitamin B, so I decided to try them as well.

  • Allan LeTourneau - Improvements Needed

    I have used Back2Life for 4 or 5 years now. The concept to very good and it works much better if you take a muscle relaxer and an anti-inflammatory about an hour or two prior to use. You can then feel the vertebrae popping in your neck. Then you know that you are getting full benefit. It is very disappointing in that they have not improved this product in recent years. I have bought these for each of my 4 children and recently I used a new one while visiting my daughter. It is still very difficult to adjust the height and the feet of the pedestal fall off while you try to adjust the height. My wife will not use it unless I adjust the height for her. As a result, she does not use it as often as she should because often it is set for my height. For all the millions of these that have been sold, you would expect them to improve the product periodically.

  • okiemeg - 5 Stars

    Probably one of the best things I've bought off of amazon, it was a great deal and I use it almost every day. My hair is VERY hard to curl and this works amazingly, I would buy again.