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  • Pennie - Nicely made

    My kids have a cheaper table tennis set, so I thought it would be nice to get this as an extra racket for the set. My husband and I are both favorably impressed with this racket. Compared to the cheaper rackets, it: (1) is a bit heavier, (2) has a handle that is more substantial and comfortable, (3) is thicker and has more layers, and (4) plays "easier" - the ball flies off the racket. My husband said that it would be easier to spin the ball with this paddle, as well. We think it's a great paddle and are happy to add it to our set! Although I purchased this paddle at a reduced price in exchange for testing and review purposes, that has no bearing on my review.

  • Sasha - I dont know if these even work because I am ...

    I dont know if these even work because I am scared to take them. I took two in the morning with no food but later on at night i started throwing up dark green throw up uncontrollably. I am to scared to take anymore pills especially with that state of California warning label on it.