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  • Sudbury Wolves sold — local businessman Zulich to take over on approval from league - Sudbury Arena True North Strong Event Centre - Sudbury Wolves sold — local businessman Zulich to take over on approval from league

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  • Amazon Customer - Not what I was expecting

    This book was categorized as being a psychological thriller. It it's not even close to a psychological thriller. Basically it's about spouses cheating on each other and how the main character grows personally. I found how much she changed to be unbelievable in such a short span of time. I was also very disappointed with the ending. Really, the husband gets just a slap on the wrist for all he's done? AND she lets him wait for years, when it's most convenient for him and her, to tell anyone his secret? Just very unsatisfying for the reader.

  • Moviefan - Not Even Close

    We used to buy the older Vegetable Supreme seasoning so when they changed the name, I thought it was just a graphic/name change and it would taste the same. Not even close. Tastes nothing like the mellow buttery seasoned flavor of the old Vegetable Supreme.

  • S Dougie Goodman - Logically links how lower insulin results in health gains and pounds lost

    Insulin - needed in small amounts. But when this one little hormone gets out of control, it can wreak complete havoc in our bodies. This book simply explains how this happens, what it does, and how fasting can reverse SO much damage we're doing to ourselves by leading a SAD (standard American diet) existence. The food industry has convinced us that it's "healthy" to eat all day long. All that does is make them wealthy and makes us sick. Fabulous job by Dr. Fung and Mr. Moore. I will reread and refer to this book often.