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  • Bryan Radcliffe - My new daily driver

    This is a pretty awesome case. I put it on my phone easily even though it comes with instructions. It is a very attractive case, feels good in the hand, and is built with quality to the standard where I would feel comfortable if I accidentally dropped this. I do wear screen protectors, but I would feel safe without one with this case on.

  • Charles - Much better than expected!!

    This simple LED tail light installation completely changed the look of my Jeep! No dim or burnt out LED's and no hyper flash or anything!

  • Cali-Sun - Five Stars

    I had tried everything to alleviate the dryness on the heels of my feet. The skin was so dry it was actually peeling. I've tried coconut oil, shea butter, and expensive moisturizing creams but nothing sustained the moisture level and my feet would go back to looking rough and dry. After trying this brand of super collagen type 1 and 3 what a HUGE difference it makes. If you check my other reviews, I don't impress easily. I can definitely say it helped in moisturizing my skin, specifically my feet which I was beginning to give up hope on. I haven't needed lotion! I can freely wear sandals and not be self conscious. I will continue taking to see if it also helps my eyelashes and hair. I have an underlying problem of anemia and have had side effects of hair loss. I purchased this product at a Health food store and it was more expensive than Amazon so I will begin purchasing from Amazon.